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Stobart Drivers on Strike in Doncaster


Over 180 drivers are threatening continuous strike action from 6th December after proposed cuts by haulage firm, Eddie Stobart, threatened job losses just in time for Christmas. This long running dispute means this is the third strike action this year for drivers based at Tesco’s Doncaster DC. Talks with drivers union, Unite, have failed to […]

Scottish Truckers Protest Speed Restrictions


Inverness lorry driver, Conor McKenna, is at the forefront of a protest against the speed limit imposed on HGV drivers on single lane A roads. Currently set to 40mph, motorists can often get stuck behind law-abiding truckers following the speed limit, causing tailbacks, frustration and potentially dangerous overtaking as a result. Conor McKenna is asking […]

Cutting Carbon Emissions


With Government legislation working towards cutting carbon emissions, the road freight sector is just one area of the transport and logistics sector looking for ways to cut back on emissions. A report, commissioned by the Transport Knowledge Transfer Network and the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, has identified ways for the road freight sector to reduce […]

Freight Forwarding Basics


If your company is looking to expand in to international imports/exports, then sourcing yourself a good freight forwarder is going to be within your best interests. To those new to freight, essentially a term to describe cargo being loaded on to a transportation vessel, freight forwarders will make all the difference to your logistic needs. […]

Moving Dangerous Goods


Every country around the world has a dangerous goods list, detailing items that are too volatile to allow free transit through parcel delivery services or couriers. Items on the list change from country to country, but the core usually remains the same. If you’re wanting to send items that could be hazardous or potentially dangerous, […]

odd removals stories

Sofa Delivery


So, you’ve bought yourself a new sofa … or a new-to-you second hand sofa, but how exactly do you get it to your house if the place you’ve bought it from doesn’t deliver? Surprisingly, there’s actually a number of ways you can get your new comfy piece of furniture delivered to its new home, available […]

Motorbike Delivery


When you think of the word delivery it’s likely that you’re imagining letters and parcels, particularly at this time of year with Christmas just around the corner. But there are a multitude of items that could be delivered, from the mundane to the unexpected, and motorbike delivery is probably up there with the unexpected. There […]

Different Types of Packaging


There are a number of different ways to get your item to its destination, and it’s up to the delivery service you’ve chosen to ensure it gets there safely, but that doesn’t entirely excuse you from the responsibility of making sure it gets there in one piece. Packaging, both internally if sending a parcel, and […]

moving large items abroad

Moving Large Items Abroad


There’s plenty of information out there on how to send a small parcel internationally, but what do you do if you have something very large or bulky that needs to be sent abroad? Anything you send overseas from the UK to locations other than Europe will be sent either via ship or plane, your budget […]

National Export Week


This week is National Export Week, and UK Trade & Investment have organised over one hundred events across the UK, inviting small and medium sized enterprises to participate in any local events of interest. UKTI is the Government Department responsible for helping UK-based companies expand into overseas markets and can give advice on whether your […]