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Different Kinds Of Shipping


There are many ways you can send items or goods from A to B, either nationally or internationally. Each has different restrictions, requirements, costs or fees, and may be better suited for certain types or amounts of deliveries than others. But how do you know which to choose? Let’s start with freight shipping. Freight really […]


Shipping Terms and Conditions


By shipping your items internationally you’re agreeing to a set of rules and regulations that govern how, by which means, and by whom your shipment is delivered. While terms and conditions can seem intimidating to review, taking the time to read through the small print can help you determine which company is the best choice […]


Haulage Types


Haulage is a great way to move your goods or items around. The term refers to the business of moving freight, or goods, from one place to another. There are a number of different haulage types to choose from, depending on the destination or type of goods or items that you want to transport. Here’s […]

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Finding Delivery Jobs


If you’re in the delivery business and looking for more work, DQC is one of the best places to start. Our online marketplace is full of people looking for help moving parcels, packages, furniture, pallets and freight from A to B, so there’s no reason you couldn’t get started today! To make it easier for […]

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Cheapest Ways Of Couriering Items


While Delivery Quote Compare can help you find competitively priced couriers with our bidding system, there’s still one way of getting great low costs when trying to courier something that’s available anywhere. If budget is a huge concern for you then couriering your item via a return or back load can help reduce the price […]

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Where Do International Couriers Go?


Should you be curious, or confused, about just where an international courier can deliver your items to, then rest assured that pretty much the entire world is covered by the courier network. Don’t believe us? Use our online form to get free quotes and find out! Couriers can deliver items from the UK to most […]

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Moving A Static Caravan


Although the whole point behind buying a static caravan is that it stays where it is, there may come a time when you’d like to move your caravan to a new home on a new site, perhaps several hundred miles away from where it currently sits. Just because your caravan doesn’t have wheels, doesn’t make […]


Getting The Most Out Of Your Pallet


When looking to send something bulky, heavy or unwieldy then pallet delivery may be just what you need. In fact, if you’re sending multiple items to one address then it’s also worth considering using a pallet and consolidating your delivery costs. As with parcels, pallets come with a variety of delivery options from economy to […]

Specialised Delivery Types


Everyone knows that to get something delivered you use a courier service, but what do you do if the item you need delivering is on the dangerous goods list? Or has a short shelf life and needs to be handled correctly, with specialised transportation? While a normal courier can’t help you, specialised delivery services are […]

International Worldwide Delivery


Sending parcels across the world isn’t difficult, but there are a number of considerations to take into account before you go packaging up any old thing you want to send. International countries are rather stringent about the items they let cross their borders, as well they should be, and how that affects you as a […]