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Strange Deliveries

Strangest Deliveries


It’s probably not something that’s ever crossed your mind, unless you’re one of the perpetually curious, but the next time you arrange for a parcel to be delivered, spare a moment to wonder at those who’ve had to deliver the not just strange and bizarre, but also potentially dangerous, or to the strangest of places. […]

post office strikes

Post Office Strikes


Further strikes by Post Office workers are planned for Friday after talks failed between Post Office management and the Communication Workers Union. Services were previously disrupted over the Easter holidays in protest against the planned closure or franchisement of 76 Crown branches and a pay freeze since April 2011. The Post Office currently run around […]


The Impact Of Smartphones


Smartphones have revolutionised our lifestyle. According to CISCO, by the end of this year there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people, and approximately 33.3 million smartphones have been sold in the UK alone since April 2005. Smartphone usage has risen dramatically, the ability to tailor the content available to each individual via […]

The Internet

Top Tips For Moving Home Cheaply


The impact the internet has had on our society can be a little overwhelming sometimes. The rise of internet shopping, in particular, has led to a sharp increase in demand of logistics units – after all, all those products people are buying need to be kept somewhere. And with online sales expected to double in […]

small business

Small Businesses


Things are looking up for small businesses, despite the economy remaining at a low. The Guardian recently reported that credit is still available from banks, despite the Federation of Small Businesses insisting there is none available. Lenders are arguing that demand is low; money is available if small businesses want to apply for it. Simple […]

road safety

Road Awareness


It can be a tough livelihood working as in the delivery market, sharing the road with new, old, good and bad drivers can certainly make the day interesting. But, there’s probably some facts you’re not aware of that perhaps you should be …. Did you know, as of February this year the police are able […]

Container Homes

YMCA Recycling Containers To Make Homes


While most of us are used to seeing containers as methods of freight transportation, usually on the back of lorries or on ships, there’s a growing movement of alternative uses for shipping containers. For the ultimate in travel, mobile shipping container hotels allow you to fall asleep in one location and wake in another. Entire […]

m4 toll road

New M4 Toll Road Plans In Place


Plans for a new toll road to help reduce congestion on the M4 in south Wales have been reported. It is believed that Chancellor George Osborne will announce plans to back the new toll road in June’s comprehensive spending review. While wider road upgrades across the country are also being considered, the possibility that drivers […]

Catering Hub At Heathrow

DHL Invest In Heathrow Catering Hub


Best known for their delivery services, DHL have recently invested £8.8 million in a new catering hub at Heathrow. Designed to meet the end-of-route needs of long haul flights, the shared hub will provide all the services required by flights to ensure top-notch catering. With facilities to provide procurement, sourcing services, menu development, food assembly […]

fedex chosen to ship pandas

FedEx Chosen To Ship Pandas


Panda delivery probably isn’t the first thing you’d think of when pondering what FedEx Express delivers, but you’d be wrong. Following months of careful preparation, the world’s largest express transportation company safely and successful delivered two giant pandas to Toronto Zoo from China. Er Shun and Da Mao, a breeding pair, arrived on a specially […]