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Anthony Torney

Meet the team – Anthony Torney, National Operations Manager Australia


One of the best pieces of feedback we receive is from our customers and transport partners that they can cal us and speak to real humans with any queries or help they need. With this in mind we though we’d tell you a little about us, we’re starting with Anthony Torney who runs our Australian […]

Flatbed van

How do I ship….


The last part of our blogs on how do I is how do I ship. There are two main sections on Delivery Quote Compare for the shipping or moving of freight. One of the first the first things to consider is air or sea freight, most people are unsure. For this if you’re not sure […]

Cardboard box

How do I transport….


How do I transport – part two House Moves For the second part of our How do I transport we move onto the removals section of Delivery Quote Compare. In previous blogs we give some advice on how to go about it. But for the purposes of how to get it organised its as simple […]

How do I move …


Answering the questions on how to move anything anywhere

Re-tuning a Piano after moving


Moving a piano is a specialist task, its not the same as any other piece of furniture. With hundreds of moving parts and very specific tension between key and strings the require plenty of care and a loving touch. Tuning a piano is a specialist task and can make a huge difference to the resulting […]

Relocating for a new job


Relocating for a new job encounters some of the most stressful events rolled into one according to the Holmes and Rahe stress scale. It includes business readjustment, a change in responsibilities and moving and arranging mortagages. Here a few things to consider and hopefully reduce some of the stress. Do you need to move […]

Viewing a House


Friday is the most popular day for viewing a house. Before you go have a think about the following. Go and have a look Have a drive around, check out the local shops and most importantly the local pub, you can really get an insight into the types of neighbours you’ll have before even viewing […]

Reviews are important!


The online world is a minefield when trying to find reliable and real information, from fake news to false advertising it can be difficult to know who to trust. An interesting article from talks about companies asking their staff to leave positive reviews about their company and culture to enhance the companies profile. Zoek […]

Moving into Downing Street


July will see a new Prime Minister moving into Downing Street. As early as last October rumours of Terresa May leaving were already looming. At least the Tory leadership battle allows Mrs May some time to pack boxes and clean behind the radiators, whereas serving PM’s fighting an election might lose the vote and have […]

German Chocolate Cake Day


Today is German Chocolate Cake day, put your feet up and have a slice of Black Forest Gateau. Fun fact: Black Forest Gateau isn’t named after the Black Forest but after the liquor used to flavour the cherry layers Schwarzwälder Kirsch(wasser)