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You can find specialist boat transport companies on Delivery Quote Compare, using our site is simple and stress free. Organising transportation for a boat needn’t be complicated, simply select the type of boat/yacht that you would like transporting, select whether the boat is on eBay or not and enter a brief description. Also include whether it is on a trailer or not, and the dimensions and weight of the vessel. Finally add where the boat is being collected from, where it is being delivered to and whether you require flexible or specific collection/delivery dates.

We will then find affordable and reliable quotes from our library of UK and International boat transport companies. You can visit profile pages of the companies listed on our site as well as read reliable reviews from past customers to help you make your decision. Our service is designed to be as easy to use as possible, taking the stress away from boat deliveries.

Boat transportation services

There are two methods of transportation for boats; boat haulage and boat transport by sea. The type you opt for can depend on the size or type of craft and where your vessel needs to be delivered. To find which method is best for your needs, please read the information below:

Boat haulage

Moving boats inland, cross country or to landlocked countries can be undertaken by boat haulage companies. They have the necessary equipment and knowledge to get your boat to the destination you need.

We only use reliable boat haulage and yacht delivery companies at, those with experience of working with marinas, boat yards and ports. In addition they will also know what methods for transporting and securing your boat for safety and will supply extra equipment if necessary.

Boat transport by sea

You can have your vessel sailed to the required destination if you are unable to sail it yourself or if it has been sold or bought. This can be cheaper than transportation via road, however it can only be done port to port, or inland waterways with access to the sea. So not the best option if you require your boat to go to a landlocked country.

You will be quoted for a fully qualified and experienced Captain or MCA crew, they will prepare your vessel and plan a route to take, taking into account weather and your estimated delivery dates. Unforeseen circumstances may have an effect on your final delivery date, but the professional companies on will ensure they get your vessel to the required destination safely and promptly.

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