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Getting healthy on the road


The variety is what attracts a lot of people to courier work. You’re not stuck behind a desk, and you don’t have to be at the same place at the same time every day. Although this stops life from becoming boring, it can make it more difficult to stay healthy.  It may be tempting to […]

Using courier delivery for the first time


Courier delivery is fast, and many companies offer same-day collection to people who book early. For urgent deliveries, courier companies are often the most economical choice. Packaging Parcels are often thrown around in transit, and poor packaging can invalidate compensation claims and postal insurance, so be very careful when packaging goods. Breakable items should be […]

Fuel strike negotiations to be held this week


In a statement that has temporarily placated some courier services and parcel delivery companies, the Unite union has ruled out an Easter strike by fuel tanker drivers. Talks are expected to be held on Wednesday in an attempt to resolve the dispute without strike action. Thursday saw 24 hours of “panic buying”, which retailers have […]

DQC Pledge To Do Their Bit For The Environment


Monday 5th March 2012 With Governments worldwide under pressure to reduce their carbon emissions and an increase in legislation sure to be on its way, working towards making your business as environmentally friendly as possible isn’t just about pipping the next Bill to the post, but also makes good business sense. Delivery Quote Compare are […]

Helping You Gain More Courier Work


Maximising the productivity of your business is just plain good business sense; the more deliveries you can fit in delivery route, the more profit you’re going to make. With today’s economic climate, small businesses are struggling to stay afloat, so maximising your productivity should be an even higher priority. But how do you go about […]

Tips For Weighing a Parcel


When planning to send an item through parcel delivery or courier, one thing you’re going to need to know is the weight of your item. Between weight and size, couriers can plan how many collections they can fit in their vehicle, what they’ll need help moving and quote you a price that’s going to be […]


Top Tips For Sending Furniture by Courier


Couriers are useful for many things: urgent deliveries, transportation of delicate goods or sensitive documents. But they’re also good for sending the odd piece of furniture. Of course, there are a few ground rules you need to follow to ensure that your delivery is hassle free, but as a means of transporting large or bulky […]

DQC Helping Combat Unemployment


Wednesday, 22nd February 2012 With employment levels at record lows and the constant doom and gloom of the economy being reported in the news, Delivery Quote Compare are launching a new campaign to combat unemployment. Offering individuals and companies help and support whilst setting up their own courier or parcel delivery companies with useful articles […]

Can You Send A Frying Pan By Courier?


Of all the wonderful questions we receive, we thought we’d answer the most important, the most relevant, and the most pressing one today. For today is Pancake Day, and you have asked us if sending a frying pan by courier is acceptable. Well, the short answer is yes. The long answer is still yes, but […]

Top Tips For Launching A Courier Service


Starting your own courier service needn’t be a frustrating exercise. Most people who start their own courier service already have some experience of the industry, but whether you’re starting from scratch or an old veteran, we’ve put together some top tips to help guide you. Do Your Research Businesses will always need couriers and thanks […]