Cost of Vehicle fuel W/E 17/08/2018

The cost of vehicle fuel fluctuates regularly, unfortunately it seems to go up more than down.

The transporters placing bids on are impacted by the cost of vehicle fuel directly affecting the cost per mile for collections and deliveries.



Average Fuel Prices

Petrol 129.9 Pence Per Litre (up 0.3p since last week)

Diesel 132.7 Pence Per Litre  (up 0.3p since last week)



For a more detailed breakdown visit: where you can find further information and the cost of vehicle fuel in your area.

Tips on finding fuel and using less of it:

  1. Shop around, super markets are on average 3ppl cheaper than high street forecourts, on an 85 litre tank that will save £2.55 every time you fill up
  2. Maintain your vehicle, a well serviced vehicle with inflated tyres will reduce the amount of fuel used
  3. Drive efficiently, less frequent acceleration and braking can have a huge reduction on fuel used
  4. Plan ahead, work out how much fuel you’ll need so you can check the cost of vehicle fuel where you are and where you’re going.

For a detailed overview and some great advice on the fuel and how to get the most from it visit:

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