Helping with the stress of moving

We know that moving house can be a stressful and time consuming effort. Delivery Quote Compare offers a service that removes a lot of the issues when it comes to finding quotes from removal companies across the UK. We also have blog articles on multiple ways to plan and carry out transportation jobs. However stress can still build up on you as you have to deal with packing, timing and cost. Here are a few general tips we can give to help you keep calm and work through it all:

Plan it all out first, as early as possible

While working seems like an odd way to lower stress, organising can help relieve pressure later on. Knowing what you’re going to take and where it’s all going will make actually doing it easier and less chaotic. Doing it earlier will allow you to plan calmer than if you waited until the last minute.


Lists and labelling

In addition to planning, writing it down and knowing where you can easily access it will lower stress by allowing you the freedom to think of other things. Labelling the boxes will give you an easy way to know what goes where when unpacking, as well as the peace of mind of knowing everything will have been delivered, as well as if any go missing for security reasons.

General mind-set ideas

Trying to think positively is a very good way to relieve stress, instead of getting bogged down in the move. If things get too much, take a moment to yourself instead of blowing up at whoever’s near you or at a box. Keeping a light-hearted tone with jokes and such can also keep the spirits up. And of course, always remember that moving is a new beginning in your life, not the ending of a previous one.

Finally, use

One of the most stressful parts of moving is getting the proper transportation for your goods. This is where DQC comes in, simply fill out the form with the details of what’s being delivered and get competitive quotes from reputable and reliable companies, saving you a lot of hassle.

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