Improving security on your van

There are more vans on the road than ever, offering practicality between cars and HGV’s. As a transporter a van is your primary tool as well as your commuting vehicle. However, as vans get more popular and the need from consumers rises the more they can be targeted by criminals. With this in mind it is vital to make sure the security of your van is as high as can be. Here are a few things to keep in mind with securing a van, as well as some tips to help keep your van with you.


The security of vans

The classic security system of all vehicles is the key. However, modern vans are progressing to keyless ignitions. While there are security systems in place with these devices, the vehicles are still at more danger than a classic mechanical lock. What puts the more modern technology above the older style is involved in most vehicles these days, an on-board diagnostics port. This makes it easier for locksmith companies to see the details of the vehicles workings. It’s also used by these companies for key replacements. Ease of use is the Achilles heel of this system however. A thief with the proper knowledge can use it to program their own key, bypass the immobiliser and drive off.


Of course, we want you to avoid this expensive and distressing event. Here are the tips you can use to secure your van:


Proper locks on the cargo area

Rusty van door

Van doors like this will offer little resistance

The back of your van is the main target for most criminals. Because of this it’s important to get the proper locks on it. Vans of course come with locks on the back doors. However, adding proper steel-clad locks or deadlocks is a good idea to really prevent unwanted entries.





Always lock the vankeys for vans

Sometimes the best advice is the simplest advice. Whenever you get out of the van, even for the quickest stop, make sure the van is locked. It may make you seem a little paranoid, but it can stop any nasty surprises from opportunistic thieves.


Never leave it unattended

Sometimes you need to leave the van unlocked. You can be unloading or doing a very quick delivery. For this make sure someone you trust is with the van at all times. It’s surprising how effective having someone act as a scarecrow can keep people from trying anything.


Keep the keys safe

The rate of key thefts is going up, allowing criminals to bypass working past security measures and alarms. Therefore it’s important to keep your keys as safe as your vehicle. Security measures you can take include having your keys on a chain or cable, as well as just keeping your eyes on them at all times. The other thing to do is to have another set of keys cut and given to a trusted friend or authority, making sure to change the locks as soon as your notice that the keys have been stolen.


Visibility into the van

A lot of criminals don’t want to steal the van, but may try to break into the back for the potentially valuable cargo. A good deterrent is not letting anyone know that there is anything valuable to steal. Some vans have windows into the back cargo area. These allow passengers to see out but of course also allows anyone else to see in. It might be best to replace the glass with something heavily tinted, or even covering it completely. Another thing is markings on the van which can give away the contents. It’s good for branding but if it can act as an incentive to criminals simpler may be better.


Proper parking

CCTV security

CCTV can really deter criminals

Whenever possible park in the most secure area, avoiding dark areas and secluded streets. If you can block the doors, especially the back doors, against a wall that should be done too. The more security the area offers is also a plus, with good lighting and CCTV being a deterrent to criminals.



Item storage

When you have to park your van overnight you have to think of the items in the van. How this can be done is with securing your van in a safe space. Another option is safe storage outside of the van to protect them overnight. Proper places that offer this service provide better security than leaving it in the van overnight.


A more secure service is a better service. With these tips your van will be safer from criminals and the customers can wait on their delivery with an easier mind. To sign up and provide a professional and secure service, or get a quote from the top delivery companies in the UK, use

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