Helpful hints, tips and advice when moving home

So the offer’s been accepted, the mortgage has been approved and the legal process of buying and moving into your new home is underway. Time to relax? Think again! You now have approximately 2 months to arrange the relocation of all your worldly possessions from your current house to your new home…little wonder it’s cited as one of the most stressful experiences in life!

moving guideHowever with a little careful planning and preparation as well as foresight of the potential problems most of the stress can be avoided.

To help you along your way we’ve put together a comprehensive moving home guide detailing all the tips and advice you’ll need to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Within the guide you’ll find a detailed house moving checklist, which gives you a week by week breakdown of all the tasks you need to focus on, a comprehensive list of questions to ask your removal company before booking them and advice on decluttering your home in advance of a move.

We’ve tried to pack the guide with as many useful pieces of information and advice as possible, including helpful tips on how to pack when moving, advice on moving with children and toddlers, advice on moving with cats and pets, a change of address checklist detailing who you need to notify when moving house, tips on reducing the stress of a move and our essential survival kit to help get you through the big day. Either read online or download our full PDF guide.