Moving a shed, How to make it easy

Shed in gardenEvery garden needs a shed. It’s a simple rule really. You need a place to put your garden tools because they’ll only clutter up the house.  However, moving house presents a unique problem. What if the new place doesn’t have one for you to use? Well, you can buy a new one but they’re expensive and need proper construction. It’s not like you can just up and move the whole thing right? Well as the title of the article says, it’s actually very doable. Here’s what you should look for when moving your shed over to its new home.


Getting the right transportation

Of course you’ll have to have a way to move something as big as this. Fortunately DQC offers quotes from transporters who have experience in transporting such objects. Simply fill out the form and start getting quotes. Of course you’ll have to give details such as size and weight, as well as photos. However before you do this, figure out how you want it transported.


Prepping your shed

There are many ways to prepare a shed for transport. The first thing to do of course is empty it. Trying to move it while it’s full of stuff makes it heavier if the shed has a floor. Of course all those heavy tools swinging about are obviously dangerous. The tools can be moved separately. The other thing to remove is any windows it might have. The shaking and slight bending as it moves can pop them off or break them, meaning having to get replacements and adding more headaches that can be avoided.

There are two ways to have your shed moved:Breaking down a shed


If your shed is able to be broken down into its panels and roof and you don’t mind doing some DIY you can do this to make it easier to carry. Especially when you have to get it through small spaces like alleys or gates making it into panels will be much easier.  However it is additional work, not only in disassembling it but in building it again.

In one piece:

Of course if the design of the shed is too complex, or it’s too big or disassembly is simply not practical you can move your shed in one piece. This will require some hard work to lift it up however. If the shed is on the lawn you’ll need to dig up the ground in certain places to put jacks under it. On a small shed two in the middle will do, on a larger shed one jack to each corner will be more supportive. Of course if it’s on concrete or better yet raised up on blocks then lifting it would be much easier.

After you’ve lifted it up you’re got to carry it to the trailer. Enough strong friends can help with this, but you can also roll it along on pipes or try to put it on a low trolley. Have the route to the trailer planned and cleared to make it as easy as possible. One hint for a big shed can be that if the back garden is near a road or wide alley you might be able to remove the back fence and have it come out that way, as long as you put the fence back securely.


When the shed reaches the destinationFlatbed van

You’ve got the shed there, certain things to take into mind here is planning there too. Have the area for it cleared, as well as the path you’re going to carry it through. Making sure to have it prepared before it gets there allows you to unload the shed as quickly as possible. This then allows the transporters to free up their trailer and get on to their next job as quickly as possible, as well as letting you get your tools back in place, making moving in easier.


If you want to keep your shed and not buy a new one, these tips will show the way to a quick and simple move. All transporters on Delivery Quote compare have the proper insurances and licenses to move objects like these.

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