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Liquid Air

Liquid Air & The Logistics Sector


With fuel prices rising, the search for sustainable and cost effective fossil fuel alternatives is on going. As fuel prices continue to damage hauliers’ ability to provide services, UK companies are feeling the pressure as European based businesses are able to meet the demands of the sector with the help of lower diesel prices. Enter […]

shipping costs falling

Cost of Shipping Falling


If there’s something you’ve been meaning to ship abroad, now might be a good time to get it organised. Shipping costs have fallen, making it cheaper to send something bulky, heavy or just plain cheaply to the other side of the world. Bulk sending items, essentially what freight means, can be cheaper when sent by […]

Aerodynamic Trucks

Aerodynamic Trucks


It’s surprising how much fuel is required to push a brick-like truck along a road. We’ve already seen improvements in trailer design, with a curved top to help the air flow over the length cleanly, but the cabs themselves have little in the way of aerodynamic structure in place to help facilitate that. Enter the […]

cabotage law in africa

Cabotage Law in Africa


In shipping terms, cabotage rights dictate the right of one country to trade in another, moving freight by sea. Most countries will have cabotage restrictions in place, specifying which carriers, companies and countries have access to trade and navigate within their coastal waters. Most countries, except Africa. Cabotage usually limits the ability to freight goods […]

High Speed 2

High Speed 2


The Queen’s Speech recently, indicated that the high-speed train line, known as HS2, would be supported by two new parliamentary bills. High speed trains aren’t new in the UK, HS1 has been running for some years, connecting London with Kent, the Channel Tunnel and Europe. But for the rest of the UK’s railways, the original […]

unusual delivery items

Top Tips on Sending Unusual Items


You’d be surprised at the weird and wonderful things that sometimes get sent through the mail. Perhaps you won’t, perhaps you’ve sent some yourself. But if you’ve ever considered sending something a little less typical then there are probably a few things you should know. When sending anything, be it domestically or internationally, the carriers […]

Olympic Lorries

How The Olympics Can Help The Logistics Sector


The current economy being what it is, streamlining, cutting costs and increasing efficiency is a high priority for many industries, and the logistics sector is no different. Interestingly, new practices for urban centres have been recommended by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), titled Maintaining Momentum: Summer 2012 Logistics Legacy Report. The report […]

Royal Mail Hoax Letters (not true)


Royal Mail is once again in the news (Post Office Delivery) but this time it’s down to a hoax letter gone viral. Written by Stuart Whitman, from Gloucester, the official looking letter has taken the internet by storm. It appears to be a letter requesting that the 42 year old stop answering the door naked […]

Men In Uniform

Delivery Men are now more popular from a Female’s point of view.


With all these dating websites now bringing people in uniform together, it’s always been a popular subject as to which uniform worn by men are found most attractive by the women out there. With doctors sitting in first place, sitting in second place not far behind is actually the much loved delivery man, who have […]

Courier Services

Regular Mail vs Courier Services


With postal strikes on going, the rising costs of stamps and the likelihood that the Post Office will become franchised out to other shops, getting your mail delivered is no longer as easy as it once was. Surprisingly, there is actually an alternative to Royal Mail, but it’s one most people don’t think of: courier […]