What should I do if my parcel goes missing?

When you need to send a parcel, don’t forget to find out what insurance options are available to you. In the rare event of a parcel going missing or being damaged in transit, insurance is important. Different couriers and parcel delivery companies offer different insurance packages as standard. Insurance details may be on the parcel delivery company’s profile, or you may need to send them a message asking for more details.

If you discover that your parcel has not reached its destination by the agreed time, you should contact the parcel delivery company via their DeliveryQuoteCompare.com profile. It is possible that no one was available to collect and sign for the parcel, so it may have been taken back to the depot. If the parcel has been left with a neighbour or returned to the depot, the parcel delivery company will usually leave a card to this effect. If the parcel turns up after you have contacted the delivery company, let them know immediately. If the parcel does not turn up, you should look into making an insurance claim. Make sure you keep any paperwork relating to the delivery, as this is vital for any claim.

With DeliveryQuoteCompare.com, you can check the reputation of the parcel delivery companies that bid on your delivery job. We use an eBay-style customer rating and feedback system, so you can assess the reliability of a parcel delivery service before deciding to accept a company’s bid. The better the reputation of the company, the less likely you are to have problems with their parcel delivery service.

DeliveryQuoteCompare.com simply acts as a broker between customers and transport providers, so any issues relating to deliveries should be taken up with the courier or parcel delivery company involved. It is very rare for parcels to go missing, but if you are uncertain of the whereabouts of your parcel, we make it easy for you to contact the parcel delivery company with your questions.


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