What every courier should keep in their vehicle

Whether you do courier jobs, offer a man and van service or drive a HGV, there are certain items you should keep in your vehicle at all times. Many of these items are for everyday use, but others are important in case of an emergency.

Navigation tools

•    Sat nav – Most couriers use sat navs, and they have dropped a lot in price in recent years. If you have a smartphone, you can simply download a sat nav app, eliminating the need to carry another expensive piece of equipment. There are many of these apps available, and they differ dramatically in price. Make sure you check the app has the features you require before downloading it.
•    Maps – If your sat nav crashes, the first back-up option is to access Google Maps or a similar service on your phone. If you don’t have GPS on your phone or you’re in an area with no signal, you will have to revert to a map book, so don’t forget to keep one in your vehicle. Your reputation as a courier could be damaged if you are late because you can’t find your destination, so plan ahead.
•    Chargers – Don’t forget your phone and sat nav chargers!

Useful items

•    Sunglasses
•    Can of de-icer.
•    Cloth to wipe windows
•    Screenwash (and water if it’s concentrated)
•    Bluetooth/hands free kit for your phone
•    Loose change for parking
•    Pen and paper

Useful items for emergencies

•    Roadside assistance card
•    Food and Drink
•    Medication
•    Warm clothes
•    Torch with spare batteries
•    Tow rope
•    Fire extinguisher
•    First aid kit
•    Spare tyre
•    Foot pump with gauge
•    High visibility jacket

Many insurance companies advise couriers not to keep their DVLA registration documents, license counterpart and insurance documents in the vehicle. In case of theft, such documentation can be manipulated to transfer ownership away from you. Contact your insurance company for more advice.

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