The best way to send an item to Australia…

As international postage prices rise, it is becoming increasingly expensive to send items to Australia via Airmail. It often works out cheaper to use an international courier. The cost of using an international courier service depends on the exact destination and the size of the parcel, so you should make sure you weigh and measure your parcel accurately before listing it. Once your delivery job has been listed on, international couriers will bid on it, enabling you to get the best deal.

It is completely free to list delivery jobs on Our eBay-style customer rating system will allow you to check the feedback left by previous customers before accepting a quote. Both large transport companies and independent international couriers use our website to find jobs, and the competitive reverse-auction format keeps prices low for our customers. The entire process takes place via the website and email, eliminating the need for sales calls and call centres. Every time one of our international couriers gives you a quote, you will receive an email notification. The insurance options offered by the transport companies are listed on their profiles, but if you need any further information, it is easy to contact them with your queries.

It will only take a minute to list your delivery job on our site. You simply need to enter the collection and delivery details and briefly describe the item you wish to send. If you are able to be flexible with the dates you specify, you are likely to get a better deal. Once the online quote form has been submitted, specialist international couriers will view the job and bid for the work. All the quotes are free, and you are under no obligation to accept a quote. Click “Accept bid” on the most suitable quote, then all you need to do is arrange collection and delivery times. Your parcel will be on its way to Australia in no time!

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