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Christmas Gifts

The Cheapest Way of Sending a Mother’s Day Gift


Just a friendly reminder; it’s Mother’s Day here in the UK on March 18th, which means you have just four weeks to buy a present and get it to your Mum whilst surprising her with your organisational skills. Don’t worry though, we don’t expect you to tell her it was because we reminded you. If […]

Driver habits changing due to soaring fuel costs


Couriers and hauliers are seeing less traffic on the roads as the increasing cost of petrol is forcing people to cut down on their car journeys. Figures from the AA show that petrol sales in the first six months of 2011 were 1.7bn litres less than in the same period three years ago. They believe […]

Motorway speed limit to be geared up?


Couriers and transport companies could find the motorways moving much faster by 2013. The government has proposed a public consultation to increase the speed limit on the country’s motorways to 80mph, due to advances in vehicle safety and technology. However, there are no plans to increase the limit for lorries above 7.5 tonnes, which will […]

Do you pay attention to traffic information?


MPs have suggested that road users need to be more alert to traffic reports to reduce congestion on the country’s roads. As a courier or transport provider do you have an ‘I know better’ complex or do you always heed the advice of the radio or matrix signs? As part of the Out Of The […]

Couriers benefit from charities e-commerce push


Couriers could benefit as charity shops increase their use of the internet to sell second hand goods. More than half surveyed reported that they use sites such as eBay in order to gain more sales. “Charities are finding they can get greater value online for books and antique collectables than selling through shops,” said Wendy […]

Online sales drives growth for furniture delivery companies


After the recent economic issues many people are concerned that moving house is an expensive minefield, especially with rumours that yet another recession maybe round the corner. So, opting to renovate and redecorate is becoming a more popular option making furniture delivery more and more necessary. With a number of furniture companies going into administration […]

Why should you use pallet delivery?


Pallet delivery services are becoming increasingly popular and that’s because the benefits are far ranging. Pallets are an easy way to cheaply transport large items. The way many pallet networks operate in the UK means a vehicle will take a number of pallets at once from one location to a central hub, where another vehicle […]

When should you use pallet delivery?


The first thought when thinking about pallet delivery is that they are only used by large manufacturers. On the contrary, pallet deliveries can be an economical and safe way to transport many types of goods. If you have a large or heavy item, which a courier or man and van would struggle to lift, then […]

What’s the difference between a courier and a parcel delivery service?


If you just have a quick search on the internet you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of forum posts complaining about parcel delivery. At we think it’s because people don’t fully understand the difference between a courier service and a parcel delivery service. Parcel delivery is cheap, really cheap in fact, which makes it […]

Packing a pallet for delivery


When it comes to cost effective transportation pallet delivery is generally considered to be the cheapest and most secure method of transporting goods, it is important to pay particular attention to the way in which you pack your pallet to avoid any potential damage during transit. Here are some top tips from to help […]