I’ve received a non-delivery card. Where do I collect my parcel from?

One of the most common questions relates to customers who have received a non-delivery card asking “where do I collect my parcel from.” If you’re not home when your parcel is delivered your non-delivery card should have the full address of your local depot for collection included, as well as a contact telephone number should you have any questions. You will need to take your non-delivery card with you,as it will help the parcels identify both you and your parcel much quicker. If you’ve lost or destroyed your card you can still collect your parcel, but will need to take ID with you, check with your parcel to determine what information they require before leaving to collect your parcel or face potential disappointment.It’s likely you will be asked for proof of address, a utility bill is a good example, as well as photo ID in order for them to sign your package over to you. It’s always worth checking with the parcel company before collection to ensure you have all the information they’ll need.

Opening hours vary between companies, but details should be available either on their website or by telephoning for confirmation. Most companies will open late during the week at least once, and on a Saturday morning, to allow anyone who works full time the opportunity to collect their package before returning to sender. Parcels remain at their local depot for a minimum of on average a week and a maximum of three weeks, so if it’s been some time since you received your non-delivery card it’s a good idea to phone ahead to check your parcel hasn’t been moved.

Most parcel companies will attempt to deliver up to two times before leaving a non-delivery card with details for collection. In fact, you may receive cards that inform you of a failed delivery attempt and details of when they will make their next attempt before they will leave a non-delivery card. Depending on the policy of the parcel company used, you may be able to request your parcel is redelivered to an alternative address. Some are happy to redirect your parcel after one failed delivery attempt, but may only send it to your local post office rather than to another residential or commercial address. Some may refuse to deliver elsewhere due to the value of the contents of your parcel.

If it’s been several weeks since your parcel was dispatched and it’s still not arrived you should firstly confirm with the sender that your parcel was dispatched and with whom. If they won’t or can’t follow up with the parcel then get in contact to ask for confirmation it is still en route. Each parcel company will have procedure in place in case a parcel goes missing and will have further information either on their website or via telephone, along with details on how to claim compensation should the worst happen and your parcel is untraceable.


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