Can you collect my parcel on a Saturday, or Sunday?

Can you collect my parcel on a Saturday, or Sunday? No, parcel companies will deliver but not collect at the weekends. If you work full time it’s understandable that you may be concerned about arranging a collection that’s convenient for you without requiring you take a day off work. If collection isn’t possible from your place of work due to company policy, most companies are happy to collect from a third party.

When using a third party, such as a friend, relative or neighbour, ensure that the contact details you pass to the parcel company are correct as a failed collection attempt due to incorrect information could result in the collection fee being taken as a penalty while requiring you to organise another collection and pay a second fee for the privilege.

If collection from work is something that can be arranged, either ensure you are available during the collection period agreed with the courier company or ask goods in or reception to take your parcel from the company. Ensure whichever department you use is courier-friendly, or that the person you leave it with will be available during the collection period. For peace of mind, ask for a confirmatory telephone call to verify the parcel has been successfully collected.

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