Can I collect my parcel from the local depot?

Can I collect my parcel from the local depot? Yes, if you’re not home when your parcel is delivered the courier company will leave a non-delivery card with details of where to go to collect your parcel; along with a contact number should you have any questions. Most companies will attempt to deliver on up to two occasions before leaving a non-delivery card. Some parcel companies may leave cards that inform you of a failed delivery attempt and then seek to deliver your parcel again before leaving a non-delivery card. In these instances, your card may specify a date and time for the redelivery attempt and/or provide a contact number you can use to check your parcel’s location. If you’re in any doubt, always call the company before leaving to collect your parcel for confirmation of your package’s location as your parcel may have been sent back out for redelivery. You may be able to arrange a suitable date and time for redelivery to ensure receipt, the cards left may specify whether that’s an option, or you can contact the company for confirmation.

If you want to change the delivery address for your parcel after a failed delivery attempt contact the company for details. Some are happy to redeliver to an alternative address or local post office, some will only deliver to the specified delivery address (particularly if the parcel contains technological or expensive items).

Some companies specify you need to bring ID in order to collect your package, your non-delivery card may specify the type of identification the company requires if that’s the case. It’s a safe bet that photo ID will be required, so if you don’t have a photo-card drivers license then take your passport instead. If you can, remember to take your non-delivery card with you, as it will help the company identify you and your parcel much quicker. If you’ve lost or accidentally thrown your non-delivery card away you can still collect your parcel but you will be required to provide proof of your identity in order to collect it. Contact your local depot before collecting for confirmation of their requirements, official photo ID (eg. a passport, driving licence, lanyard work ID) is usually requested, along with proof of address, so bring a drivers license or passport and a utility bill to cover all eventualities.

Each parcel company operates different collection hours, so always contact the company for confirmation of opening hours before leaving to avoid disappointment. Some non-delivery cards will state their opening hours or provide a web address so you can look the information up on the internet. Most, however, are open until late in the evening at least once a week, and on Saturday mornings, to allow anyone working full time the opportunity to collect their parcel.

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