Can you collect my parcel from where I work?

Can you collect my parcel from where I work? Arranging for a parcel company to collect your parcel can be problematic when you have a full time job, but your collection address doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as your billing address. Parcel companies are generally happy to collect packages from alternative addresses, or third parties, if you’re not going to be home during normal working hours.

If you’d like to have your parcel collected from your work address, make sure that you and your parcel are accessible to the company upon their arrival. It’s no use organising pick up from a commercial address if the receptionist won’t let them past the front desk, or if you’re in a business meeting and out of touch. Arrange to leave your parcel with either goods in or your company’s reception area to make it easier for the company to collect, and request a telephone call to confirm their arrival and collection of your parcel.

Alternatively, if you have a friend, neighbour or relative who’s going to be home then you can ask them to act as a point of contact for your parcel collection instead. It’s imperative that the collection details are accurate, particularly if you’re going to be out of contact for the day. It’s also vital you make the third party aware they will have to be available between the hours stipulated by the parcel company for collection. Should your driver attempt to collect and receive no answer you may still be charged the original collection fee, be required to re-book your collection from scratch, and pay a second collection fee on top.

If you need to arrange a new time or place for collection due to unforeseen circumstances, you will need to contact the company by telephone, particularly if the driver is due to arrive imminently, as it will expedite your request. Most companies will be happy to accommodate any changes, so long as there is sufficient notice given and the driver isn’t already sitting outside your collection address. Should your driver arrive late for the parcel collection and you are unable to wait beyond the timescale agreed when you booked, make sure to call the parcel company as soon as possible to report the delay and organise a second attempt at collection. A refund of your collection fee may be possible in these circumstances, check with the company for details if you don’t have access to their terms and conditions. Cancellation of your collection is also possible if required, again with sufficient notice, but may incur a cancellation fee if not due to an error on the part of the company, be sure to check your parcel company’s terms and conditions before booking a collection.

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