Can I send a parcel to the post office for collection?

Parcel companies are both a cost effective and popular means of delivery due to the customer’s ability to track and receive confirmation of the parcel delivery once sent. As such, delivery to a post office isn’t possible from the outset as the parcel can’t be signed for. Having said that, some parcel companies will redeliver to a local post office after attempting, and failing, a delivery to the stated destination address.

If your recipient isn’t going to be home for delivery when you send the parcel, they can request redelivery to their local post office, to their work address if company policy allows, or request that a friend, neighbour or relative take delivery instead. The person the parcel is addressed to does not need to be present in order for the package to be delivered, couriers are contracted to deliver to the address given, not necessarily to the person named as recipient.

Getting your parcel sent to a local post office, however, ensures that it will be accessible to you much easier than travelling to an out-of-town parcel depot, particularly if you live in a semi-rural location. Post office opening hours are fairly fixed for most locations, but they do open on a Saturday for a limited period of the day, so collecting a parcel out of office hours is still possible. Parcels left at post offices are generally available for collection one working day after delivery has been attempted and a non-delivery card has been left, and will be securely held until the recipient collects. The post office, just like the parcel depot, may require proof of identification and address, photo ID and a utility bill should suffice but it’s worth double checking that the package is available for collection and what documentation is required before leaving. Using the parcel’s track and trace number, available from the card left after the failed delivery attempt, to determine where your parcel is can also go a long way to helping the recipient avoid disappointment should the parcel have been sent out for a second attempt at delivery. Tracking can usually be accessed through the parcel companys website; details should be available on the non-delivery card.

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