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air freight

Air Freight Expansion


Last month, in its submission to the Airports Commission’s discussion paper ‘Aviation Connectivity and the Economy’, the Freight Transport Association said that expansion in the international air freight sector is vital to the UK economy. As a global centre of business, air freight is key to being able to meet market demands and maintain connections […]

Frieght Train

Half-Mile Long Freight Trains


Scotland may soon see the introduction of half-mile long freight trains on its tracks. Plans for the new trains, the longest in operation, are part of expansion proposals for the Mossend freight forwarding railhead in Lanarkshire by operator PDS. It’s expected that PDS will lodge plans for a new siding, long enough to house the […]

M6 Toll Road

News Roundup


Heathrow’s seeing some new tenants move in as freight forwarder, UTi Worldwide, moves in to two warehouse units at SEGRO’s Stockley Close and Avis Car Rental opens a new location at Terminal 5. UTi have taken a ten-year lease on the new space, totalling around 34,329 sq feet, for use in their global freight forwarding […]

Post Office Price Increases

Post Office Price Increases


Amid fears that Royal Mail will soon be privatised, potentially triggering further price rises, the recent increase in postal costs could already be causing headaches for small business owners. Save Our Royal Mail campaigners warn that by 2015 the cost of a first class stamp could be as high as £1 if the organisation is […]

The Most Dreaded Questions ‘We’re Moving, Can You Help?’


With favours amongst friends and family being such a common law of practice, it was only a matter of time before research was carried out in to the top five favour requests dreaded the most amongst friends. The most popular question asked, straight in at number one is being asked to keep a naughty secret. […]

Strange Deliveries

Strangest Deliveries


It’s probably not something that’s ever crossed your mind, unless you’re one of the perpetually curious, but the next time you arrange for a parcel to be delivered, spare a moment to wonder at those who’ve had to deliver the not just strange and bizarre, but also potentially dangerous, or to the strangest of places. […]

post office strikes

Post Office Strikes


Further strikes by Post Office workers are planned for Friday after talks failed between Post Office management and the Communication Workers Union. Services were previously disrupted over the Easter holidays in protest against the planned closure or franchisement of 76 Crown branches and a pay freeze since April 2011. The Post Office currently run around […]


The Impact Of Smartphones


Smartphones have revolutionised our lifestyle. According to CISCO, by the end of this year there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people, and approximately 33.3 million smartphones have been sold in the UK alone since April 2005. Smartphone usage has risen dramatically, the ability to tailor the content available to each individual via […]

small business

Small Businesses


Things are looking up for small businesses, despite the economy remaining at a low. The Guardian recently reported that credit is still available from banks, despite the Federation of Small Businesses insisting there is none available. Lenders are arguing that demand is low; money is available if small businesses want to apply for it. Simple […]

road safety

Road Awareness


It can be a tough livelihood working as in the delivery market, sharing the road with new, old, good and bad drivers can certainly make the day interesting. But, there’s probably some facts you’re not aware of that perhaps you should be …. Did you know, as of February this year the police are able […]