Truckfest 2013

truckfestSummer’s pretty much here (although the weather may occasionally need to be reminded of that), and we all know what that means. Yup, Truckfest. The travelling truck-centric extravaganza that offers family fun and entertainment for truck-lovers the UK over. Think of it as the haulage and transportation sector’s version of the music festival (although it does also tend to include music too), with every trucker and their wife heading to their local event.

Truckfest runs all over the country, from Wales to Scotland, east to west. Locals will notice a Truckfest event coming to a showground near them as the number of beautifully sparkling trucks on the road suddenly increase, giving road goers a variety of different styles and models to ogle. Unsurprisingly, Truckfest focuses on trucks, with drivers from all over the haulage industry expected to showcase their vehicles, chat with like-minded people and enjoy a weekend of events, family fun and food. And, if the Peterborough Truckfest in May was anything to go by, things are just getting bigger and better.

Main events you can expect at Truckfest include celebrity truckers from shows such as Ice Road Truckers or the Eddie Stobart television series. Monster trucks crushing cars in the main arena, followed by daredevil motorbike riders throwing themselves (and their vehicles) through the air for your viewing pleasure. Not to mention the hundreds of vehicles brought to the festival ground for people to peruse, with vintage trucks gaining in popularity this year.

Manufacturer stands are becoming more popular, with more and more businesses choosing to proudly showcase their latest models and giving you the change to get up close and personal with the latest trucks. The Truckfest line-up promises a great day out, with over one hundred thousand people attending the two-day event in Peterborough this year, it’s not surprising truckers travel from far and wide to attend an event. So why not enter your truck in for one of the fourteen plus competitions being held at all Truckfest events, show the trucking community how great your vehicle really is!

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