Sending Sports Equipment Abroad

imagesSo, summer is here … well, the UK version of it anyway, which means that soon summer holidays will be starting as the nation attempts to get somewhere that actually sees some sun, sea and surf. But regardless of the time of year, if you’re the type of individual who likes to take their own golf clubs, skis or snowboard with them when they travel, finding cost effective ways to do that will probably be high on your list.

For long haul flights you may be in luck, some airlines will allow you to bring aboard one piece of sporting equipment at no extra cost – just make sure your insurance covers the cost in case of any accidental damage before you leave as you may have to switch policies or upgrade to get it covered.

For those not so lucky, or with piles of equipment to take, try thinking outside the box for alternatives. Most locations will accept deliveries (although it’s always worth double checking first!) so why not consider sending your goods via a delivery service instead. International services have great prices attached to basic and economy packages, making it cheaper to send large items if you give them plenty of time to do it in. For example, sending a snowboard to the Alps by economy could take days longer than a premium service, but the difference in cost could make or break your budget. Plan ahead to get the best prices!

If going with friends, costs can be amalgamated to make life easier and cheaper for all involved. Part load deliveries or pallets could prove cheaper than parcel delivery services, and shipping, rather than air freight, will be cheaper again. Just remember to check insurance to make sure the cost of your items is covered, and to package your sporting equipment in the appropriate way for the method of transportation. Hauliers, pallet delivery services and freight handlers that cover the EU and across the world can be found quickly and easily with Delivery Quote Compare, helping you get the best possible prices with just a few details. To get started, log on now to receive your free quotes from customer rated businesses.

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