Featured Company: Wincanton

2088164829Logistics company, Wincanton, is a UK based business that’s making waves. From its unassuming beginning delivering milk in 1925, Wincanton has grown to become one of the leading providers of supply chain solutions in the UK, with more than 16,000 logistics experts on their books, covering all sectors.

Wincanton firmly believe that in order to successfully manage logistics and distribution you need a strong customer relationship to build on. Renowned for their customer service, the Wincanton team uses their knowledge of their customers to help provide opportunities for sharing resources and optimising efficiencies, making services cheaper.

They’re also firmly committed to innovation, working around problems and creating new solutions. Wincanton works hard to make their business sustainable, from transport to storage and logistics solutions, they aim to deliver sustainable solutions to help their business thrive, not just in the now, but also in the future.

With partnerships and customers across all sectors, 1.8 million square metres of warehousing space and storage, and over 4,000 vehicles delivering distribution and transport services, Wincanton are able to offer cost effective storage solutions, collaborative transport solutions to reduce costs, and complementary logistics services across many industries.

With over 250 storage sites across the UK and Ireland, Wincanton offer bonded facilities, cross-dock, automation, co-packing and integrated warehouse management solutions for customers in every sector of the market, regardless of company size.

Wincanton’s collaborative transport solutions cover every aspect of the freight industry, from road to rail to container transport, even bulk tankers and home delivery. Their efficient, collaborative model helps to optimise service assets and improve services levels while helping customers control costs. The company is always looking for innovative new ways to drive performance while reducing carbon emissions.

Diversification is key, and Wincanton have moved into a number of industries since its inception. Joint partnerships with a range of different industries has seen the company move in to some unexpected areas, such as providing secure logistics services with Serco that has won them a seven year contract with the Ministry of Justice to provide Prisoner Escort and Custody Services (PECS).

Wincanton has made a lot of changes since their humble beginnings, developing new technologies along the way, diversifying across different markets. Now they’re an award winning business, creating innovative ways to help their customers meet their goals. They still deliver milk too.

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