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Container Homes

YMCA Recycling Containers To Make Homes


While most of us are used to seeing containers as methods of freight transportation, usually on the back of lorries or on ships, there’s a growing movement of alternative uses for shipping containers. For the ultimate in travel, mobile shipping container hotels allow you to fall asleep in one location and wake in another. Entire […]

m4 toll road

New M4 Toll Road Plans In Place


Plans for a new toll road to help reduce congestion on the M4 in south Wales have been reported. It is believed that Chancellor George Osborne will announce plans to back the new toll road in June’s comprehensive spending review. While wider road upgrades across the country are also being considered, the possibility that drivers […]

Catering Hub At Heathrow

DHL Invest In Heathrow Catering Hub


Best known for their delivery services, DHL have recently invested £8.8 million in a new catering hub at Heathrow. Designed to meet the end-of-route needs of long haul flights, the shared hub will provide all the services required by flights to ensure top-notch catering. With facilities to provide procurement, sourcing services, menu development, food assembly […]

fedex chosen to ship pandas

FedEx Chosen To Ship Pandas


Panda delivery probably isn’t the first thing you’d think of when pondering what FedEx Express delivers, but you’d be wrong. Following months of careful preparation, the world’s largest express transportation company safely and successful delivered two giant pandas to Toronto Zoo from China. Er Shun and Da Mao, a breeding pair, arrived on a specially […]

smoking at work

How the smoking ban can affect operators and their drivers.


Since the Health Act 2006 banned smoking in enclosed workspaces, employers are at risk of breaching health and safety law and could face heavy fines. What must an operator and driver do in order to comply with the law? For starters, displaying company policies both in the cabs and on depot walls ensures full awareness […]


In The News


Here’s a quick round up of what’s in the news this week; Tachograph Offences Two hauliers have been fined for tachograph offences following targeted investigations by local police forces. Patrick Bradley of Northern Ireland has been fined a total of £1,500 following prosecution brought by the Driver and Vehicle Agency. Enforcement officers conducted an investigation […]

The Budget

The Budget – What It Means For Delivery Workers


The Government unveiled their Budget plans today, with some good news for those whose livelihood is made out on the UK’s roads. Will fuel duty has been frozen, the 1% increase that was originally planned for September now scrapped, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has voiced its disappointment that it won’t be reduced. The fuel […]

Ensure you can see through the snow


With more snow scheduled for later today and due to affect most for the UK, there are certain do’s and don’ts when driving in the snow. The first and most logical is don’t drive in thick snow unless it’s absolutely essential. The second would be to ensure that you clear your car before driving off. […]

Young Motorists hit by rise in Insurance Premiums


We all knew it was coming, but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less… Young drivers, especially females are now reaping the misfortunes of the UK being part of the EU Gender Directive. The scheme is supposed to equate fairness across insurance premiums in drivers, but has come as a shock to the young female’s […]

Rail Freight Prices To Rise


The Office of the Rail Regulator’s (ORR’s) has announced its intention to raise charges for rail freight. The proposed increase could result in up to a 23% rise in tariffs to access tracks, with the transportation of certain commodities, such as spent nuclear fuel, seeing freight specific charges phased in between 2014 and 2019. As […]