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Driving tired worse than driving drunk


Research carried out by scientists in Australia suggests that the effects of sleep loss can be similar to or worse than drinking alcohol to excess. The study found that sleep disruption or deprivation can seriously affect the body’s ability to think clearly and to move or react normally. The researchers from the University of New […]

The best way to send an item to Australia…


As international postage prices rise, it is becoming increasingly expensive to send items to Australia via Airmail. It often works out cheaper to use an international courier. The cost of using an international courier service depends on the exact destination and the size of the parcel, so you should make sure you weigh and measure […]

What every courier should keep in their vehicle


Whether you do courier jobs, offer a man and van service or drive a HGV, there are certain items you should keep in your vehicle at all times. Many of these items are for everyday use, but others are important in case of an emergency. Navigation tools •    Sat nav – Most couriers use sat […]

What is the best way to send items to America?


The cost of international postage is rising, so sending an item to America via Airmail can be costly. aims to make delivering items to America as simple and as cost effective as possible. It is one of the most popular destinations for deliveries heading out of the UK, so sending an item to America […]

Finding a reliable, local courier


Trawling through the internet in search of local couriers can be time consuming. Then, once you’ve found a long list of local courier companies, how do you know which ones to trust? is an online courier marketplace designed to make life easier for both couriers and customers. Over 10,000 transport providers are registered with […]

Transporting fragile items the right way


If you do courier work or offer a man and van service, you are solely responsible for transporting your customers’ possessions safely. Fragile items must be loaded, transported and unloaded as carefully as possible. Couriers often find musical instruments, ornaments and mirrors particularly tricky. Here are our top tips for loading fragile items: •    Put […]

European couriers?


From July 1st anyone driving in or through France will be required to carry a breathalyser kit. European couriers and hauliers must ensure they have a single-use disposable kit in their vehicle or risk a fine. The new rule is aimed at reducing drink-driving problems in the country which were responsible for around 4,000 deaths […]

Meeting deadlines safely


Due to the nature of their work, couriers must place a lot of importance on deadlines. Certain same day couriers and parcel delivery companies offer to pick up and deliver goods within the hour – distance permitting. Whether they are doing motorcycle courier jobs, haulage work or offering man and van services, drivers must ensure […]

What is the best way to send items to Europe?


Due to the increasing cost of international postage, it can be very expensive to send parcels to Europe via Royal Mail. The cost of international parcel delivery depends on the size of the parcel and the destination, but using an online marketplace like will ensure that your item gets there in the safest, cheapest […]

Courier insurance – is your vehicle covered?


Running a courier service can be complicated. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as buying a van, finding work and making a profit. You also have to consider the other obligations that go with courier work, and one of those obligations is insurance. You will need courier insurance in order to run your business. This should […]