Dispatching Parcels Abroad

A day in the life of a parcel and the many and varied ways it can travel is probably something most people don’t really think about. But when you’re looking to send your parcel abroad, the route, service and destination all play a part in determining how it travels, and how long it will be travelling for.

Sending a package internationally from the UK opens up a whole slew of travel options you may not be aware of. For example, if the destination is in Europe, chances are your parcel will be sent by road or train if a cheaper service has been purchased. Most parcel delivery companies state in the fine print that road and rail will be chosen by themselves depending on what works best for them, your parcel and the service you’ve paid for.

For destinations further away, cargo ship may be the only option when using a cheaper service. Depending on the location, it can take weeks for your parcel to arrive, particularly if the recipient is based in the Southern Hemisphere, but is a far cheaper option for anyone needing to send a parcel while on a budget.

Airmail is, obviously, the quickest method for getting a package overseas in a hurry, but you’ll pay for the privilege. Sending a parcel by plane to the US, for example, can be achieved overnight if necessary, although you’ll pay a premium for the service. Slower air freight is possible, particularly for destinations more further afield than western Europe, and prices would fall somewhere between cargo ship and next day delivery airmail with transit times varying depending on location.

As with any parcel you send, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the contents are sufficiently protected against knocks, and that whatever you’re shipping isn’t hazardous. Both are particularly important when sending abroad; your parcel will be handled multiple times by multiple people so ensure it can withstand the type of travel it’s likely to experience as well as the many pairs of hands that will see it from the UK to its overseas destination.

Finding the correct service for your needs will determine just what sort of packaging your parcel will require in order to make it safely to the recipient, finding a price you can afford for that service is far easier. Use DeliveryQuoteCompare.com to grab yourself quotes for your parcel, helping you match a price and a service to your needs.

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