Top Tips For Saving Fuel

Petrol Saving TipsDespite petrol costs dropping recently, fuel prices are still high enough that drivers are looking for ways to economise their fuel costs. Easier said than done when you operate a business that depends on bikes, cars, vans and trucks to get from A to B, but courier companies can still benefit from some simple tips and tricks to help keep fuel usage, and therefore costs, to a minimum.

It may sound obvious, but driving slower means using less fuel. Driving smoothly and slowly uses even less, so try to keep an eye on what’s going on ahead of you and adjust your driving speed to match. If you can avoid stopping and starting then you’re going to use less fuel, and if you do need to stop then try to accelerate gently from a standstill to help reduce the amount of fuel you use.

Over revving the engine can also result in extra fuel usage; avoid revving the engine when at a standstill, that’s just using fuel for the fun of it. Remember to use your gears correctly while driving, change up to a higher gear as soon as it’s safe to do so, it can help reduce your fuel usage by 15%.

Check your tyre pressures are correct, keep your windows closed and make sure your vehicle is in tiptop condition. Under-inflated tyres can cost you 3% in additional fuel, and they’ll wear out a lot quicker than those pressurised properly. Open windows while driving at speed increases the drag of your car, reducing the aerodynamics and costing you more in fuel as your car struggles to compensate. Running air conditioning unnecessarily can also increase your fuel bill; so unless you’re really in need of cooling down, try to stick to the blowers instead. Remember, a fully serviced engine is a more efficient engine, meaning lower fuel costs, so keep up with maintenance and replace oil, filters and plugs as needed.

With winter around the corner, early morning starts will become a frosty exercise in scraping your car clear of ice. Don’t leave the engine running while you clean the windows; invest in some de-icer and save the fuel. So long as you can see where you’re going it’s cheaper to drive away as soon as you start your vehicle.

And most importantly, stick to the speed limit! Motorway driving usually results in some subtle speeding tricks, but did you know that driving at 80mph uses 10-20% more fuel than sticking to 70 and would probably only save you minutes? Save money, and don’t break the law, by sticking to the speed limits.

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