Uncommon Deliveries to get the best service

Unusual DeliveriesCouriers can be asked to deliver all sorts of items, from the commonplace to the unusual. If it needs to be transported, then it is the role of the courier to deliver. However some items are more unusual than others.

Surprise Deliveries

Recently a customer in Japan parcelled himself up securely in a cardboard box to be delivered as a surprise to his girlfriend. This was also a surprise to the unsuspecting courier who had to deliver him as the customer had not told the driver what was in the box. As the delivery took about three hours and the box was airtight this caused some problems.

When the parcel was delivered the young man was in considerable distress so his girlfriend had to call an ambulance. The man was taken to hospital by the emergency services and fortunately survived his ordeal but he did not have the effect he expected on his girlfriend who was shocked and upset. Not surprisingly the courier was also upset as he had no idea what he was delivering. His company does transport animals but they must be in a secure cage and the courier should be aware of what he is carrying. This was very unfair on the courier but customers often try to send unsuitable and unusual items via a courier service.

Types of Delivery

All the types of animal apart from human are often transported by courier service. If it needs to get from one place to another then a courier is the logical choice. For example, couriers regularly transport racing pigeons across the country. Large quantities are sent in special lorries but small numbers can go by courier.  These are transported in special cages and then released at their destination to fly back to their homes.

More unusually couriers have transported beehives complete with bees to their destinations. This is becoming increasingly popular as these can be ordered on the Internet and delivered to people‚Äôs homes. The bees are kept cool to keep them quiet and will not start flying around your van. Domestic animals can also be transported by courier, this is not a problem provided they are securely fastened  in the correct cage, however if you are asked to transport any live animal more than about  40 miles, you will need to obtain an authorisation certificate.

Surprisingly often couriers are asked to rush passports to an airport for customers who have forgotten them. They will often pay a surcharge for speed, as they cannot fly without them, and this is a regular occurrence. Couriers are often asked to do a cross country run with the essential passport so that the customer can go on their long awaited holiday.

Medical couriers transport items such as blood samples, urine samples and human sperm. This is usually done by a specialist courier who has training but medical equipment such as wheelchairs can be transported by anyone. Any courier may also be asked to transport human ashes. These are not restricted by any legislation and are usually transported quite safely inside an urn.

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