Become a Technical Courier?

Technical CourierAs a courier your job is to deliver your packages intact and on time. However if you are delivering technical items such as computers or computer components the customer will often ask if you are also installing them or connecting them. This is not part of the normal courier job but if you are a technical courier this could be part of your normal routine. When delivering technical items it makes sense for the courier to install them rather than the customer having to wait for an “expert” to arrive.

Technical Courier

So how easy is it to be a technical courier? You don’t have to be an expert to do this work but you will need some common sense and experience in setting up equipment. The type of thing technical couriers are usually asked to do is connecting up such items as computers, monitors, stereo systems, photocopiers, keypads and scanners. In general a technical courier will be replacing a faulty part. Rather than just delivering it they will be required to fit it into the system and make sure it works.  This will save time if it doesn’t work so that it won’t have to be collected and replaced again and this will also reassure the customer that all is well.

Most items come with instructions which can be clearly understood. If there is anything which is more complicated than this you should have a contact number to help you. You will not be expected to act as an engineer. If there is a serious problem with the system or the replacement is complicated then it is not the technical courier’s role to deal with this. You should always be prepared to ask for help especially if there is a specialist item to be fitted.

So is there much work around for the technical courier? Several of the big computer suppliers like to use a technical courier to deliver and install their equipment. The technical courier would unpack all the equipment and set it up.  They would get it started and make sure it was working. They might have to connect it to the internet and may possibly explain how it is used. Once you have done this a couple of times it is not difficult to do.

So do you need specialist equipment? A basic toolkit should be all you need. A small screwdriver and a small Philips screwdriver, along with a Stanley knife for opening boxes, will speed up your work.

Most technical courier work is simply delivery and replacement. If you can set up your own home computer correctly then you can do most technical courier work. So is it worth your while? It doesn’t usually pay a great deal more than normal courier work but it usually takes very little extra time. In today’s competitive markets it can easily bring in more work and will often lead to regular deliveries. So with a little expertise you can give your courier business an edge and make yourself more competitive.

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