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A beginners guide to courier marketplaces


Many transport providers use courier marketplaces to find work. These online services provide an easy way to increase your return loads and make more money. Whether you specialise in parcel delivery, courier services or man and van jobs, you can use to find work. Unlike other online courier marketplaces, works on a simple […]

Using an animal courier


Are you moving house or simply looking for a stress-free way to transport your pet to a holiday destination? You may even be an animal breeder or welfare group looking for a way to move animals safely. If you need to transport live a live animal, you will require an animal courier. This is a […]

Health advice for couriers travelling to mainland Europe


Travelling to mainland Europe is commonplace for many UK couriers, but you still need to make sure you have had the correct immunisations for continental European travel. Couriers should also familiarise themselves with the standard health precautions to take when travelling abroad. The health risks of travelling will vary between individuals, and many issues need […]

Choosing Between the Different Types of Deliveries Available


When you need to have an item or a number of items transported, it can be difficult to know which service you require. Here is Delivery Quote Compare’s quick and easy guide to the options available. Parcel Delivery Service A parcel delivery service is the cheapest delivery option. It is often cheaper than Royal Mail, […]

Top tips for setting up as a courier


When starting out as an owner-driver courier, there are many things you must consider to ensure you get work and make a profit. Here are some of the basics: The best way to start out as an owner-driver courier is by finding work with courier companies in your area. Find the contact details of local […]

Top tips for fuel-efficient couriering


Fuel is a huge overhead cost for all transport companies, but by learning some easy fuel-efficiency techniques, you can reduce the amount of money you spend on petrol and help the environment at the same time. As well as reducing our CO2 emissions, the way we drive can cut annual fuel consumption by 10%, which translates […]

What is a dedicated courier?


There are several types of courier service available, so ensure you know which one you need for your delivery. If you need to transport a particularly fragile, important or valuable item, you may decide to use a dedicated courier service. This is similar to a same day courier service, but your goods will be transported […]

How do your first aid skills stack up?


Would you stop if you witnessed a car accident? April 11th marks the beginning of First Aid Awareness Week. As a courier, you could be one of the first people at the scene of a car accident. You have the potential to save someone’s life. A survey conducted by DK found that only one in […]

Transport providers and the Olympics


It has taken many years to plan, but the London 2012 Summer Olympics is almost upon us. It won’t just be the athletes, their coaches, visiting dignitaries and ticket holders descending on the capital for the Games; transport providers will still be travelling in and out of London as they deliver goods all over the […]

Getting healthy on the road


The variety is what attracts a lot of people to courier work. You’re not stuck behind a desk, and you don’t have to be at the same place at the same time every day. Although this stops life from becoming boring, it can make it more difficult to stay healthy.  It may be tempting to […]