From one living room to another, moving a television

watching televisionFor many houses the centre piece of the living room is the television. TV’s have gotten much more advanced than just catching signals from radio masts. A TV these days can connect to the internet, show films in 4K resolution and thousands of colours, and be as thin as a pound coin. Of course TV’s these days are also expensive, from £200 into the thousands. Therefore you’re going to want to keep it with you when you move. Follow these tips on boxing up your set so you can enjoy your boxsets with minimal interruption.


Plan ahead and pack properly

televisions throughout the ages

All these TV’s have different needs when it comes to packing, but bubble-wrap is always a good start

There are many things to do to prepare you television for the move. The first thing however is take inventory. Measure out your screen first so you know exactly what you’re dealing with. If you’re dealing with an old big box TV make sure to get all of the dimensions as well. Another thing that can help out greatly is to keep the original box you got it in. Those original boxes are deigned to keep the television safe so it makes sense. If you don’t have the box however:



Protect your television yourself

Bubble-wrapThis is one reason why you measured the screen. Get a piece of cardboard and cut out a cover to fit over the screen, slightly bigger if there’s the space. This will stop any random knock from chipping or cracking the glass. Of course, bubble wrap is your friend; a thick layer of the stuff around the whole thing will properly protect it. Aim for around five centimetres to get proper padding. A box is also a good idea. If you didn’t keep the original box places like supermarkets or similar will have boxes that will be big enough for you to use. If not there are shops that sell boxes big enough.


Sort out transportation

If you need to transport your television, or just removals in general you could do it yourself. However a smart option would be using a courier or removals company. Fortunately for you this is not a difficult process. You can use to find and compare the best transport companies in the UK. If you just want to move the TV you can do that to, which is another reason to measure the dimensions.


We’ve this advice moving your home cinema screen will dramtically lower the chances of the experience becoming a horror show.

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