Why cardboard is the gold standard of packaging

Cardboard boxWhen seeing packing tutorials there is one constant no matter what you are transporting. This is of course the cardboard box. But why is the humble box made out of slightly stronger paper the best choice for transporting? There are other options: wood, plastic, even metal. Yet, cardboard beats them all in nearly every category, here’s why.


They’re cheap

No doubt about it, cardboard boxes give you the most for your money. Wood and metal don’t compare, due to the materials used and processes needed to make them they just aren’t made for moving. You either get boxes or cabinets or full size crates. Plastic is closer, but even then one plastic box costs close to the same amount as ten card boxes. Unlike other thigns as well, you’re not sacrificing quality for price efficiency.


They’re tough

While a big crate can take the rain, and steel boxes can stop bombs (Why you would need this is another question) a good double wall cardboard box can carry your belongings easily. They’re also light. This means you can load them up, only really having to worry about the items going in. Plastic boxes are decently strong too but when they break they can chatter, leaving a lot of mess. Cardboard if it tears is normally still in one piece, plus it’s less of a loss to your wallet.


They’re customisable

The genius of the cardboard box is the simplicity. Unlike other boxes you don’t need a separate lid or hinges. Simple one sheet of the stuff can be folded into shape. The strength of this is that you can have boxes of different shapes and sizes all from the same sheet of card. They also can have coatings or treatments. Some boxes can even be flame resistant! But more than the practical side they are easily customisable. Unlike the other forms of container which need labels or proper paint you can just get a felt-tip pen and write directly onto them.


Cardboard, good for the environment

As a bonus to everything else cardboard is a more sustainable product than the other types. It uses less wood than just making a wooden box for example. It’s also reusable. While reusing a cardboard box does slightly impact the strength it can be done. Plus on top of everything they’re recyclable. A fair amount of things in your house might come from the simple cardboard box.


Cardboard boxes are perfect for packing, the cheapness and simplicity makes them the smart choice. If you’re moving and need transportation for your stuff another smart move would be going to DeliveryQuoteCompare.com and start getting quotes for your house removal from the top removal companies in the UK.

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  1. R Hall left a comment on 15/09/2018 at 6:53 pm | Permalink

    Cardboard is LESS eco-friendly than plastic moving crates. Simply put, a plastic moving crate is designed to last at least 400 moves while cardboard is 2 or three at best. Recycling can be done with both cardboard and plastic. The hundreds of recycling processes that cardboard would have to go through to last as long as plastic results in the consumption of a tremendous amount of resources and energy.

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