Packing and moving your computer, from new to old

We live in a technology fuelled society; you are reading a blog post written on a keyboard on your screen. Because of this making sure your computer is in good condition is very important. Therefore, if you have to move it and it’s a bit too big to lug around in your bag, proper packing is a necessity.


Modern computer convenience

Modern Computer

If your computer is a newer design, packing can be quite straight forward, especially for monitors. For modern LCD monitors the similar rules as a modern TV apply:

  • Try and hold onto the original packaging, it’ll have the proper protection for the screen. This also applies to the computers themselves.
  • If you don’t have the original packaging finding a fitting box shouldn’t be too difficult. Wrapping the monitor in bubble wrap or something similar is a good step. The other important thing to do is, as with any screen, is to put cardboard over it. This will protect from scratches and bumps better than wrapping alone.


The older hardware

Old computerThere’s something about old computer hardware. The bulky CRT monitors and white plastic towers bring back memories of 1990’s spreadsheets and the early days of 3D animation. There’s a market out there for old tech. However, with age comes more fragile parts and big, heavy pieces of kit.

The first thing to do, as with all computers, is to remove every cable. A time saving idea is to do each cable one by one and label them. This will make setting your computer up at its destination much easier. Making sure the cables are neatly tied up and separately wrapped will make it easier too.

With older monitors and desktop computer towers there is one piece of advice to always be followed. Double boxing is where you wrap each item in bubble wrap and box it. You then place it in a second box padded out with paper or packing peanuts. The reason for doing this is that there are a lot of individual pieces inside both computers and CRT monitors. Shock and bumps can damage all these pieces so double boxing minimises this problem.


The little details

With these tips your computers, old or otherwise, can be delivered safely to your new home or office. If there are still worries about your tech, backing up your hard-drives to portable storage can give the final piece of security.

If you don’t have the space or ability to transport your computer, can get you in touch with the services you need. Filling out the simple to use form can get you competitive quotes from the top delivery companies in seconds.

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