Get a good start to a busy day

Start of the dayThe most important time in anyone’s day is the beginning of it. It sets the pace and mood. A bad start can lead to an angry and irritable state, which isn’t going to help anyone. For van drivers spending their days on the roads, Fortunately there are easy ways to sort this out. Here are the tips you can follow to avoid a bad day driving across the UK.


Prepare the night before

Surprisingly, the best thing for having a good morning is what happens the night before. There’s making sure you have enough sleep of course but that’s not all. Have a short list of things you need to do in the morning before heading off.  Things you can do the night before include making sure your keys and wallet are in the right place so you’re not stressing out looking for them. If you make lunch instead of buying it do this the day before too. Having your morning prepared the night before and you’ll have much less to worry about.


Give yourself time at the start of the day

Starting your day early and not having to rush is hugely important if you can do it. Here are the two mornings side by side:

  • You wake up half an hour before you have to leave. There’s no time for a shower, barely time to get something to eat and you leave the house feeling dirty, hungry and irritated. Not a great start.
  • Giving yourself an hour or two to get ready allows you the time to get freshened up, properly fed, fully ready. Basically none of the bad things of a quick morning.


Prepare for work

This is more to avoid nasty surprises going through the day. However checking your van and cargo before going out can make sure your vehicle is in good shape and none of your cargo if any isn’t missing. Have a brief look at you stops and routes as well to refresh yourself. You’ll never know when it will come in handy. For some more details you can check out The Importance of Walk Around Checks.

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