How the bonus bank holiday will affect parcel delivery

To mark 60 years of The Queen’s reign, Diamond Jubilee celebrations will centre around an extended weekend this summer. The late May bank holiday has been moved to Monday 4 June, and an additional bank holiday will take place on Tuesday 5 June. If you need to use a parcel delivery service during that time, you will have to take the bank holidays into consideration.

If your parcel is urgent, you will have to make alternative arrangements or be prepared to pay bank holiday parcel delivery rates. When you have listed the job on, you can ask the transport providers whether they deliver on bank holidays. Most large parcel delivery companies will not make any collections or deliveries on Monday or Tuesday, but independent parcel delivery companies are more likely to work if a suitable price can be arranged. Unless you have negotiated bank holiday rates beforehand, any deliveries from same day couriers that fall over the bank holiday weekend will be delayed.

Remember to specify the delivery dates you need when listing the job on’s parcel deliveries partners websites and perhaps do some haggling to see at what price they would deliver on a bank holiday for!

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