Using an eBay courier

When you are selling items on eBay, you need to find an experienced eBay courier. Whether you are running an eBay store or just selling a few things you no longer want, you will need to get quotes from cheap couriers or parcel delivery services. If you are sending anything larger than an envelope or a small packet, the Post Office is often a more expensive option than a specialist eBay courier.

Think about the experiences you have had when buying items on eBay. What did you expect from the seller? Did they live up to your expectations? The first thing buyers expect are securely packaged items. Having to replace damaged goods or refund money will be time-consuming for you and irritating for the buyer. Choose a box that is the correct size for the item, and use plenty of bubble wrap.

The second thing buyers expect is quick delivery. If you really want to make a good impression, use a same day courier. However, if it is going to take you a little while to pack up the item and choose a courier, try to let potential buyers know before they bid. They are less likely to mind waiting a few days if they have had advanced warning. Clear delivery times are important if you want positive feedback and repeat customers. To prevent a stream of “Where’s my parcel?” messages, send the buyer a dispatch email when the courier has collected the parcel from you. Give a slightly pessimistic estimation of the delivery time, and you are likely to exceed the buyer’s expectations.

Retain the paperwork relating to your parcel delivery for at least a month, even if the buyer has left positive feedback. Occasionally, an unscrupulous buyer will contact Paypal and falsely claim that they have not received their goods. If you can’t prove you sent the item, Paypal will refund their money and demand it back from you. After 30 days, the buyer can no longer make such a claim and you can dispose of any receipts.

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