Sending a parcel for the first time

Using a parcel delivery service for the first time doesn’t have to be complicated. If possible, don’t leave it to the last minute. Allow yourself time to package the item and find a suitable delivery service. Read our top parcel delivery tips and you’ll be an expert in no time!

  1. Cushion your items properly. Protect them with bubble wrap, polystyrene chips or airbags. You don’t want them sliding around in transit
  1. Buy packing materials online. This is often cheaper than buying them from a high street shop
  1. Seal your parcel securely, but don’t use excessive tape. If you are using an international parcel delivery service to send your parcel abroad, customs may need to check inside it
  1. If your item is in a case, box it up anyway, unless you do not mind the case being scratched or dented
  1. Weigh and measure your parcel correctly before getting quotes from parcel delivery companies. You will be charged extra if it is heavier than stated. Parcels that exceed size restrictions may even be rejected by the delivery company and returned to you
  1. Use the correct postcode. Many websites have free postcode finders
  1. Make sure your goods are not prohibited. Most parcel delivery companies have a list of prohibited items. Check with the company if you are unsure
  1. Use clear labelling. Write in block capitals or print out your label
  1. If the delivery address is complicated, put an extra line on the label, e.g. “Entrance next to ABC Garage”
  1. Make sure your parcel is insured for at least what the goods are worth. Ask the parcel delivery service what their standard insurance cover is.

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