TFL’s Code of Practice for quieter Olympic deliveries

During the Olympics, temporary restrictions will result in many deliveries taking place out of normal operating hours. In the most severely affected areas, deliveries may be limited to 12 A.M. to 6 A.M. Although many delivery jobs already take place ‘out-of-hours’, the increase in activity during the Games means that delivery companies need to be even more aware of minimising the disruption to London residents.

Here is a summary of Transport for London’s code of practice for out-of-hours deliveries during the Games.

Guidance for delivery companies:

•    Use newer, quieter delivery vehicles and equipment when possible.
•    Make sure equipment – both on the vehicle and at the delivery point – is in good working order and maintained or modernised to minimise noise.
•    Liaise with colleagues, local businesses, suppliers and carriers to reduce the likelihood of multiple couriers arriving at the same time.
•    Ensure that all couriers are briefed and trained appropriately in accordance with the code of practice.

Guidance for couriers:

•    Avoid using external bells at delivery points.
•    Think about how to minimise contact between hard surfaces during the unloading/loading processes. For example, use rubber matting and buffering material on doors.
•    Make sure the delivery point is ready for the vehicle before it arrives. Gates and doors should be open to avoid the vehicle idling.
•    If you arrive early for your delivery slot, do not wait near residential property.
•    Do not sound your horn.
•    Engines should be switched off immediately when not manoeuvring.
•    Refrigeration equipment should be switched off in advance of your arrival at the premises.
•    If the radio is on, ensure the windows of the vehicle are closed and switch off the radio before opening the door.
•    Minimise the frequency of opening and closing vehicle doors, and do so quietly.

Many of these guidelines are common sense, but delivery companies and couriers should still take the time to read them before the Olympics begins.

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