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News Round Up


The Government announced yesterday that it intends to spend £170m on over congested roads throughout England. New transport secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, announced 57 problem points on English roads would be addressed. Funding will be in place to improve roads where areas bottleneck with traffic, and congestion causes delays. Proposed plans include work on the M1, […]

Van in snow

Are you prepared for the Christmas Rush?


No matter who you ask, everyone seems to be agreeing that 2012 is disappearing as fast as the wind. You might not want to believe it, but Christmas is only 80 days away and parcels will start winging their way across the country in ever increasing numbers long before those 80 days are up; if […]

sending parcels abroad

Mailing Parcels Abroad


It may not seem like it yet, but with Christmas less than 80 days away, now is the time to start thinking about presents, particularly if you have family and friends who live abroad that you need to post parcels to. For anyone new to international parcel services, there are a few pieces of information […]

Petrol Saving Tips

Top Tips For Saving Fuel


Despite petrol costs dropping recently, fuel prices are still high enough that drivers are looking for ways to economise their fuel costs. Easier said than done when you operate a business that depends on bikes, cars, vans and trucks to get from A to B, but courier companies can still benefit from some simple tips […]

Honda CGF 125- motorcycle couriers

Top vehicles for courier work


A courier is reliant on his vehicle to get him around, whether it is a motorcycle or a van. He needs it to be reliable and cost effective for the job it has to do. We have looked at some of the vehicles available for courier work to assess their suitability for the task.   […]

Premier Rush Courier Movie

The transport provider as Hero


A bicycle courier might be unusual choice for a hero but one is the star of one of the latest American action films. A bicycle courier has to ride across New York City with a delivery

Normal or Electric vans

Uncommon Deliveries to get the best service


Couriers can be asked to deliver all sorts of items, deliveries can be unusual. If it needs to be transported, then it is the role of the courier to deliver.

Technical Courier

Become a Technical Courier?


As a technical courier delivering technical items the courier will install them rather than the customer having to wait for an “expert” to arrive.

Man in a Van

Why select the Man in a Van?


The man in a van is the corner stone of courier work .Flexible and reliable, where local transport is needed he is often the first person people turn to.

Courier Scam

Steer clear of courier scams


There are some scams aimed specifically at the courier. They sound like a good way to improve your business and earn money and it is very easy to be caught out by them.