Coping With The Winter Roads

urlThere’s never more of a divide around the UK than during winter; weather varies wildly between different areas and affects the roads in many ways as a result. For those who spend their working hours out on the roads, being prepared for the types of weather that can affect your area is just common sense. Winter checks for your car, can help ensure that your engine and peripherals are in tip top condition, but there are further steps you can take to deal with bad weather.

Higher altitudes or more northern areas are prone to snow and ice. It’s not just rural areas that fail to see a snow plough, in some urban satellite villages only the main roads will be ploughed with all residential streets branching off remaining blocked unless cleared by those who live there. For those areas that regularly see deeper snowfalls consider investing in snow tyres or chains to help your vehicle keep traction on the roads and help you complete winter deliveries.

For those colder areas, while the heater may help keep the temperature in your vehicle at a comfortable level, repeated opening and closing of the doors, not to mention stopping the engine during deliveries, may not keep the temperature at a comfortable enough level. Dress appropriately and keep additional layers or blankets in the vehicle, especially if working more rural and isolated areas, in case of breakdown. All it takes is one lorry to fishtail off the road and you’re stuck overnight in the cold.

Given the world famous UK climate, rain is the more likely weather we’ll experience through much of the country. Already there’s been localised flooding in areas across the UK, and with further rain forecast in the South throughout Christmas week any areas prone to flooding are likely to see water building up. Keep an eye on tyre pressures, and be vigilant for the potential of aquaplaning on the roads if entering areas with minor localised flooding.

Clear skies will mean lower temperatures throughout winter, if the sun is shining then it’s safe to say that outside will be heading towards freezing. De-icer will be at a premium, so keep extra handy in your vehicle for emergencies when starting out in the early mornings. And, although it sounds daft, a decent pair of sunglasses to protect you from the glare.

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