Piano Removals – What You Should Know

There’s a big difference between a pianist and someone who just plays the piano, and often the best way to tell is how they treat their instrument. Pianos are expensive items to buy when good quality is a must, and keeping them in tune and tip top condition is a labour of love.

When it comes to moving a piano, be it to a new home or a concert hall, using professional piano movers is well worth the money it will cost. Due to the delicate, not to mention costly, nature of a piano, investing in a company that has the necessary experience, equipment and consideration to ensure that your piano arrives at its destination in perfect shape is just good sense.

Piano removers have specialist equipment that will help them load, move and deliver your piano without a single scratch to its beautiful lines. A piano is surprisingly heavy, not to mention awkward to move due to their fragility, using a professional piano removal company can ensure that your back isn’t wrenched, your piano isn’t broken and that your floors aren’t ruined.

Upright pianos are treated differently to a grand piano, but both have fragile legs that shouldn’t be used to tug the piano around, in fact a grand piano’s legs should be removed for transit. Professional piano movers will know the ins and outs of how to protect and move your piano without causing damage, how to ensure the string section isn’t broken and how to balance the weight of the piano to stop it from tipping over.

Unfortunately, professional piano movers are few and far between but do cover a wide radius due to necessity. Rather than search high and low for your nearest piano moving company, use Delivery Quote Compare to not only get the best price, but to find qualified, experienced companies who can move your piano properly.

Simply enter details of your piano, its size and weight, information on obstacles to be negotiated when moving it such as stairs, collection and delivery addresses and let professional piano removal companies come to you with quotes. Don’t forget to look into insurance to be sure you’ve got sufficient cover included, and vet the company of your choice by checking out previous customer reviews. Before you know it, your beloved piano will be in its new home, ready for a tune-up!

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