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Insuring your parcel when sending internationally


While there’s no reason to expect that your package won’t arrive at its destination, ensuring that you have sufficient insurance to cover the contents of your parcel is still a must, especially when using international parcel delivery services. International parcel services are available on a sliding scale, designed to suit every budget, running from fast […]

Finding a cost effective international parcel service


Even within the different types of international delivery services provided by parcel companies there’s room to save a little money. Choosing an international parcel delivery service that fits your needs and your budget doesn’t have to be difficult but will take you a little bit of time to research. Using the internet to shop around […]

The different service options for international parcels


There are a variety of different services to choose from when looking at international parcel delivery options, allowing you to choose something that suits your needs, from budget to speed. Most parcel services have both a premium and budget service available, to allow them to cater for everyone. And obviously the destination will have some […]

How long does it take to send a parcel to Australia?


There are a number of different types of service you can use to send a parcel overseas, choosing which one to use will determine the timescale for delivery of your package, but also depends on a variety of different factors that may be out of your control. Some companies restrict their services to specific size […]

Can I send a parcel to the post office for collection?


Parcel companies are both a cost effective and popular means of delivery due to the customer’s ability to track and receive confirmation of the parcel delivery once sent. As such, delivery to a post office isn’t possible from the outset as the parcel can’t be signed for. Having said that, some parcel companies will redeliver […]

Can I send a parcel to a PO box?


The short answer is no you cannot send a parcel to a PO box. As parcel companies are primarily used to track and confirm delivery of their assignments, as well as for guaranteed delivery at specific dates and times, sending a parcel to a post office box is impossible. With no one to sign and […]

How much does it cost to send a parcel overseas?


Sending a parcel overseas isn’t as expensive as you might think, although the actual fee does depend on a variety of things, such as weight and size of the parcel you need to send. Parcel companies will require that you properly protect and package the contents of your parcel to withstand the rigours of international […]

I want to send a parcel overseas, what do I need to know?


When looking to send a parcel overseas there are a number of things you’re likely to be required to do by the parcel company to ensure that it reaches its destination safely without being held up by customs. Firstly, ensure that your package doesn’t contain anything listed on the dangerous goods list, most parcel companies […]

I’ve received a non-delivery card. Where do I collect my parcel from?


One of the most common questions relates to customers who have received a non-delivery card asking “where do I collect my parcel from.” If you’re not home when your parcel is delivered your non-delivery card should have the full address of your local depot for collection included, as well as a contact telephone number should […]

Can you collect my parcel on a Saturday, or Sunday?


Can you collect my parcel on a Saturday, or Sunday? No, parcel companies will deliver but not collect at the weekends. If you work full time it’s understandable that you may be concerned about arranging a collection that’s convenient for you without requiring you take a day off work. If collection isn’t possible from your […]