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Insurance for delivery drivers and couriers is vastly different to the private policies they may also have. For anyone looking to source insurance as a courier there’s a few different types you’re going to need to take a look at.

  • Van insurance: business use vehicle insurance that protects your vehicle against accidents. Much like private use vehicle insurance, business use insurance will cover you whenever you’re using the designated vehicle for business use rather than just the to and fro drive to a single workplace and any private use journeys. Look for cover that includes windscreen repair, roadside assist, unlimited mileage, courtesy vehicles and legal expenses or expect to have to pay out additional costs when needed.
  • Goods in Transit Insurance will cover exactly that. Policies vary, as most insurances do, but can cover things like theft, personal items, PDAs, legal costs and risk cover. As a courier you’ll be offering compensation for any breakages and losses to the items you’re delivering that are due to handling, so should a claim be raised this policy will help cover it. The bigger (and more expensive) the policy, the more it will cover so be sure to shop around for a good deal that gives you the cover your business requires.
  • As a business that engages with the public you’re going to need Public Liability Insurance to protect you from claims due to any accidents a member of the public may have through any action of yours, negligent or not. The policy will also cover damage to private property should you accidentally break the doorbell or drive in to a neighbours wall. It is, often, a voluntary insurance to take out, but is well worth the cost.
  • If you have employees then investing in Employers Liability Insurance is a given and is designed to help you meet the cost of any compensation required due to an accident an employee suffered whilst working for you. Employers Liability is required by law, unlike Public Liability Policies. Look for Temporary Employers Liability policies, usually for around 30 days, should you have short-term staff working for you.
  • Fleet vs self-employed: most insurers will cover the self-employed courier up to the big business with a fleet of vehicles at their disposal. Policies can often be tailored to your individual needs, but shopping around for the best price can be difficult due to that tailoring. Be sure to double check that cheap policies do actually offer the same cover as the more expensive tailored policies, or risk additional costs.
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