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small lost parcel

Royal Mail launch proposal to revise small parcel size


Royal Mail have recently launched a consultation process, the purpose of which is to amend the Inland Letter Post Scheme in relation to universal parcels. More specifically – it plans to revise the exception to the Small Parcel format which was introduced in April 2013. The new exception hopes to extend the dimensions of what […]

toll road

Road haulage operators start campaign to stop A14 road tolls


The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has stepped up its campaign opposing the proposed implementation of a toll road on the A14. The campaign hopes to highlight that a toll on the road would put them at a disadvantage to hauliers located in other areas of the country. Jack Semple, the RHA’s Director of Policy said, […]

Road Freight

Road freight industry encouraged to get benefit of trailer trial


This week, the Government released a statement encouraging those in the road freight industry to reap the benefits of trailer trial. The trial, which gives operators the opportunity to use longer goods vehicles on UK roads, will be opened up on a first come first serve basis. The trial was initially launched in 2012, and […]

How will the privatisation of Royal Mail affect you?


After a tough week for Royal Mail boss Moya Greene, who was booed by Royal Mail staff when she met with union members at a Birmingham conference, she may be concerned about the future of Royal Mail as the privatisation process starts. The question is, should you be too? The Government has moved to assure […]

flying delivery drones

Are flying drones the future of goods transportation?


During his recent TED talk, Andreas Raptopoulos, CEO and co-owner of Matternet, detailed his vision for the future of goods transport. Raptopoulos believes that Matternet’s proposed network of small drones can supply the 1 billion people on the planet who don’t have year round access to a road network. Rather than spending the next 50 […]

Ford launch battery-powered version of their best selling car


The Ford Focus Electric can reach top speeds of 85mph and travel up to 100 miles on a single The electric car movement is finally getting traction after years of travelling in the slow lane. Supporters of electric transport will see the car giant’s release as a major coup for the industry. The car comes […]

Boris on a Bike

Mayor of London proposes Safer Lorry Charge to protect cyclists


Mayor of London, Boris Johnson recently proposed a ‘Safer Lorry Charge’ aimed at protecting the many cyclists in the nation’s capital. Any LGV not fitted with the correct cyclist protective equipment could face heavy fines under the new proposal. The purpose of the charge is to reduce the number of cyclists involved in accidents in […]


Truck drivers putting themselves at risk by not using safety belts


A new study carried out by Volvo has found that half of truck drivers do not use their safety belts. The survey interviewed 700 truck drivers in Sweden – a country with a reputation for being more safety-conscious than most. In the EU alone, over 7000 lives would be saved every year if more road […]

Driving in winter weather

How to cope with winter driving


With another distinctly average summer behind us, before you know it, winter will knocking on our doors. Accompanying it will be rain, snow, sleet, and all manner of unpredictable weather conditions. With the aid of this guide, you will hopefully be well prepared for any circumstance. Pack supplies There’s no need to go overboard, but […]

Moving House? Useful Packing Tips.


With many students soon to be moving into new houses and halls of residence, we want to give all of you prospective movers a few tips to make your transition as stress-free as possible. Plan ahead. It’s easy to miscalculate the amount of time it takes to pack all your worldly possessions into little cardboard […]