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Pint with your post

Fancy a pint whilst posting your parcel?


A pub in a small town in East Sussex is offering punters the chance to grab a pint whilst posting their mail, as The Nutley Arms, Nutley, becomes an outreach site for post office services. The establishment near Uckfield will receive regular visits from the sub-postmistress of Ridgewood Post Office, Sue Gothard, during the week […]

New law for truck drivers


The new law, which was implemented in July this year, gives the police the right to stop anyone considered to be driving in an inconsiderate or careless manner and issue them with a fixed penalty notice (FPN). The Department for Transport (DfT) intend to increase safety on the roads with the new law – in […]

How are truck drivers viewed by the public?


A bit of Friday Fun. Truck drivers have had to put up with many stereotypes over the years, how many of those in the classic comedy video above are actually true? Even roadside cafes have to pass health and safety tests these days!

Britain’s most expensive parking space goes on sale


Britain’s most expensive parking space has gone on sale for the eye-watering price of £300,000 – almost twice the price of the average home in England and Wales, which stands at £162,000. For your money you could get a rather uninspiring 11ft by 21ft open air spot, with each square foot costing £1,299. The parking […]

Post Office Strikes Causing Problems?


With major disruption within the Post Office seemingly a never-ending news story, it is understandable that disruption to postal services is a significant concern for businesses and individuals alike. Delivery Quote Compare aim to provide a stress free and reliable solution to your parcel delivery dilemmas. In order to help you choose the service that […]

Considering Buying Or Selling A Car


When it comes to buying or selling new or used cars many people used to advertise in local papers, go to a dealers or even advertise on supermarket notification boards. But times have changed dramatically since the internet came in to play and most people now use this as a selling or buying tool. There […]

Top Tips For Staying Awake Whilst Driving Long Distance


When anybody is considering, or having to drive long distance it is very common to become tired, especially night time driving after a long day. Other then pulling over in a safe area and having a nap, what other alternatives are there to stay awake whilst driving? Take a look at the following top tips […]

Breakfast Alternatives For Truck Drivers


How many times have you been told that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? If the answer to this is plenty then the reason for this is that it’s true. By eating a healthy balanced breakfast it actually helps you to make healthier choices throughout the rest of the day. An ideal […]

Driver Medicals – The Facts


If you’re considering becoming a lorry driver then you will need to go through either a HGV medical or an LGV medical, which is the standard medical that’s required for most people that are looking to drive a lorry. Medicals aren’t just required for lorry drivers, they relate to anybody who has a group 2 […]

Why Delivery Quote Compare Is Perfect For All Things Gumtree


Since it’s inception in early 2000, Gumtree has grown from a London only classified site for accommodation and employment into the number 1 classified site in the UK with its reach extending into Europe and even further beyond. The type of adverts featured by Gumtree have also grown, offering anything from a broken Betamax player […]