Driving safely in the wind – DQC tips

imagesThe weather is making national news this week across the UK with a wide range of road accidents occurring due to the extremely blustery conditions. Scotland has been the worst affected home nation as a Lorry driver’s truck was blown on top of two cars. Storms of up to 100 mph have been reported in the UK with many lorry drivers having to operating their vehicles in dangerous conditions. If you are a wagon driver then it is vital that you take the necessary precautions in order for you to stay safe. The following shows the different safety precautions that need to be taken whilst driving:

Both hands on the wheel

Although it is a basic piece of advice it is vital that you are aware as a driver, and that both of your hands are on the steering wheel. Whilst driving, your truck may suddenly veer off track, and it is important that you are aware of your surroundings and in control of your vehicle. It is also advised that you drive with your radio off with your full attention on the road. Giving yourself enough time for your journey is also important – this will relieve you of any pressure and result in you taking your time and getting to your desired location safely.

Keep your speed down

It is important that your speed is kept to a sensible level – it is more likely that you will veer off more vigorously when driving fast in strong wind conditions. It is advised that you stick to the left hand lane of the motorway and maintain a slow pace when driving a vehicle in 80mph+ winds.

Keep a look out for road debris

Keeping a look out for road debris is also important when driving in windy conditions. Strong winds can have unexpected effects on your rout, as the wind can uproot trees and other debris. It is important that you stay aware as a driver and keep a look out for things you would not usually expect to encounter.

Keep informed and ensure you have phone access

If the worst situation occurs and you are unable to drive due to the conditions then it is important that you are able inform the company that you work for and contact emergency services if necessary. If you have witnessed a crash or you cant control your vehicle then you should pull up on the side and report the crash to the police and local radio station. Whilst it can be distracting, you should intermittently check your radio for updates on local traffic.

Park in a safe place upon arrival

If you have managed to navigate your vehicle through the windy conditions then it is advised that you find a suitable place to park upon arrival. Try to avoid parking near trees or pylons and find a clear, but not overly exposed area. These rules also apply if you are unable to make your destination and need to stop temporarily.

It is vital that you stay alert when driving in windy conditions – look after your own safety and if you feel as though you are unable to drive any further, pull up in a suitable area and inform the relevant people. It is better to be safe than sorry, and getting to your desired destination on time is not as important as your personal well-being.

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