How to prepare your vehicle for bad weather conditions

urlWith ice on the roads seemingly becoming more frequent, the severe weather the winter can bring has become more apparent. The potential challenges drivers can face are many, as drivers can find themselves stuck on even the most familiar of roads.

Here are some tips for winter driving for drivers trying to make their deliveries quickly and safely, or simply for those who just want to get home for Christmas:

  • Pack a kit. If you know there is a likelihood the roads around you will become difficult to navigate in bad weather, it is a good idea to pack a kit you can keep in your vehicle that should help you out a spot of trouble should it occur. Some items you might want to consider include:

Snow shovel

Ice scraperSpare/warm clothes

Emergency Snacks/water



Sand/cat litter

Jump leads

High visibility jacket

First aid kit

  • Check your tyres. If possible, consider investing in some winter tyres specifically designed to cope in treacherous conditions. At the very least, you need to ensure you have the correct amount of air pressure in your tyres and that they have the minimum 3mm of tread.
  • Keep your battery topped up. If you are an infrequent driver or usually only make short journeys, keep in mind that batteries run down quicker in the cold weather. To remedy this, take a regular long journey or trickle-charge the battery.
  • Keep your screenwash topped up and use the correct concentration to prevent it freezing when the temperature plummets below zero.
  • Don’t let your fuel run right down before you fill up. Road closures and accidents may mean you are out on the road a lot longer than anticipated. Also the heaters in your car use additional fuel, so ensure you keep plenty in reserve at all times.
  • Clean your windows before you set off. It can be very tempting just to get in your car and start driving on some of those bitterly cold mornings, but it is important that you thoroughly clear all surfaces using a de-icer.

A couple of bonus tips to wrap up – a drop of WD-40 should prevent your door locks from freezing up. If they do, simply warm your key with a lighter. It may sound obvious, but please remember to take warm clothes for any travelling you do outside your car once you have parked up! Also, remember to keep your mobile charged, or carry a car charger with you so you can get in contact with someone should the worst happen.

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