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flying delivery drones

Amazon announce plans for delivery drones


Back in October, Delivery Quote Compare brought you an article about Australian start-up firm Flirtey launching its flock of book delivery drones on the unsuspecting Sydney public. Now, retail giants Amazon – the world’s largest online retailer – have announced plans to provide similar delivery methods to customers. The Octocopeter drones have the capacity to […]

Considering Buying Or Selling A Car


When it comes to buying or selling new or used cars many people used to advertise in local papers, go to a dealers or even advertise on supermarket notification boards. But times have changed dramatically since the internet came in to play and most people now use this as a selling or buying tool. There […]

Why Delivery Quote Compare Is Perfect For All Things Gumtree


Since it’s inception in early 2000, Gumtree has grown from a London only classified site for accommodation and employment into the number 1 classified site in the UK with its reach extending into Europe and even further beyond. The type of adverts featured by Gumtree have also grown, offering anything from a broken Betamax player […]

Pulling over on registration plates

Moving A Static Caravan


Although the whole point behind buying a static caravan is that it stays where it is, there may come a time when you’d like to move your caravan to a new home on a new site, perhaps several hundred miles away from where it currently sits. Just because your caravan doesn’t have wheels, doesn’t make […]

How easy is it to get Companies to Transport Classic Cars


As an owner of a classic car, or soon to be owner, working out how to move your vehicles safely, securely and cost effectively might seem like a big headache, but by following a few simple tips your vintage car will be in its new home in next to no time. If you’ve gone to […]

What Type Of Vehicle Transport Do I Need?


Vehicle transportation is a great way to get your vehicle delivered from A to B when you can’t (or just don’t want to) drive it yourself. There may be any number of reasons why your car needs to be transported or your van delivered, and there are a number of different ways you can get […]

Protecting A Vehicle Being Transported


Should you have a vehicle that requires transportation, ensuring it’s well protected whilst en route could mean the difference between a pristine vehicle or something scratched and dented. When transporting a vehicle, whether it’s roadworthy or not, insurance is usually taken care of by the vehicle transportation service you’ve chosen. Not only should it protect […]

Top Tips For Launching A Courier Service


Starting your own courier service needn’t be a frustrating exercise. Most people who start their own courier service already have some experience of the industry, but whether you’re starting from scratch or an old veteran, we’ve put together some top tips to help guide you. Do Your Research Businesses will always need couriers and thanks […]

Car transport – the festival season


Despite the rain last week, the British summer is well on its way and with it comes the festival season, not only for music but for cars too! You’ve spent all your spare time (and cash) getting your classic car just right over the last few years and now you want to show it at […]

Petrol Could Rise


The price of petrol in the UK could rise by as much as 15 pence per litre within the next 12 months, it has been warned. The Petrol Retailers’ Association (PRA) of Great Britain made the prediction based on analysis of fuel market trends and tax changes. In its report, the PRA claims that British […]