Delivery Quote Compare: How to get more quotes

Delivery Quote Compare allows customers easy access to transporters across the country. Because of this we get a lot of items put up for them to make quotes on. Following certain steps, you can get the highest number of quotes possible, and the best deal.


Be flexible on timing:Clock and Calendar

The basic overview of this section is, the larger window of availability for the transporters, the easier it will be for them to add the delivery to their calendar. This is a compelling reason to plan ahead.

Taking photo of a bed


Provide photos:

Just like putting an item up on eBay, providing proper images is pretty much compulsory. Without a proper visual aid, it’s both less eye-catching and more mysterious. Speaking of…


Remove all mystery:


Dimensions, damages, weight. If you have a unique or oddly shaped item this information can help clear up things for the transporter. If things are clear, then transporting is much simpler. Of course too much information can be confusing, especially if it’s a very common item like and average arm chair, some details can be gathered. For what happens when this isn’t followed, check this article out.


Stay in contact:

Desk phone

Your quotes through Delivery Quote compare gives you details not only on the quote value but also further information on your transporter.For further information you can message transporters through the web portal, they don’t get your details until you accept a quote so you won’t get spammed.

Ask the questions you need, confirm dates and make the most of quotes from real transporters.



Now that you know how to get the best quotes on your item on DQC, start the process of putting it up for bidding here.


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