Transport stories – It’s important to be accurate

Delivery Quote Compare offers transporters for many needs. To make it easier to find the right driver our customers can use our form and select their category and list it up for the transporters they would need. Sometimes though people don’t put quite the right term for their goods needing transport, and by quite I mean hugely. The opposite has also happened, with people going into completely pointless detail (More on this later). These stories show the difference between an easy move and, well, appearing on this article.


The Car without Wheels

DQC often deals with car transport. Some people however seem not to know what makes a car a car. The definition of “Car” can include many things but rarely includes “All in one piece”. This is because it’s surely obvious. However it’s not this simple for some apparently.


classic car transport


This leads to our drivers going round to a customer with the proper car transport equipment, only to realise that they’re moving a bucket of bolts (Sometimes literally). Or the moment a driver goes with the task of transporting a valuable classic car. Only to find instead that he’s hauling a fibreglass shell.

Wrecked shell of a car

Potential reality


“Well it could still go on the car trailer” comes the argument. Well, no it can’t. Car trailers are designed for things with wheels and that can’t be lifted by a child. The moral of this story? Let our transporters know what they are actually transporting.




The very specific Washing Machine

Normal washing machine

You see one washing machine you’ve seen them all…

Accuracy is an important thing, it helps our transporters know what they’re getting into. However, they have experience in their job. A lot of them transport heavy goods, vehicles and appliances amongst many other items every day. Therefore as long as they know what they are transporting, they can prepare themselves. There is such a thing as being too helpful sometimes. For example, household washing machines are all pretty much the same size.

Cartoon washing machine

… Unless it has arms

Unless, you know, they were designed by a cartoon character.

Proper dimensions are not really necessary at the end of the day for goods like this. Our transporters will have dealt with white goods like this countless times.


The grown up Digger

Childs riding digger

The small toy (child not included)

listing car parts as a whole car is annoying. Over explaining what a washing machine is can be meaningless. Sometimes however our transporters run into something that makes these seem tiny in comparison. Heavy goods like construction equipment require heavy duty transport.

So imagine the shock for one of our drivers when he gets a job for a digger put under “toys”. A close top Ford Transit van is going to have some difficulty carrying a gigantic 18-tonne excavator, no matter how determined the driver is.

Big Excavator

The big toy (child still not included)

Of course this may have been a simple mistake, we all make them. This is why it’s important to double check you’ve listed correctly, so you don’t end up with a digger still annoyingly where you left it and a van driver being very confused.




The main moral of these stories is to think. To think about whether you’ve got the right category on our DQC form. To think if all this information is exactly necessary, and to think to check that you’ve done it all properly. Do these and you’ll avoid one of these stories, or don’t and possibly have your transport story appear in a follow up collection down the road.

Christopher East 2018

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